I offer a bespoke service for my clients.  I also work in a wide range of ways with clients.  Fees are completely dependent on what we are working on together – The fees will pinch because the work we do together will bring about a complete transformation in the results you get out of life and I charge accordingly.

I do however, have a range of ways to work with you, so whatever your budget, I should be able to find a way that suits you and will help you.

The initial consultation is complementary.  And during this conversation, we decide whether we are a good fit.  People often tell me that the results from this conversation alone have been life-changing so it is worth it just for that.

In the conversation, we will understand where you are, where you want to be and I will explain to you how we will get you there in the shortest time possible.  It all begins in that first session, I do not hold back. ever.

And it will demand more than money from you as you will need to input your energy and commitment to the process of changing your life.

To find out more, call me on 0121 3185554 (voicemail) or +1 850 273 6785 (voicemail) or fill this form and I will be in touch within 24 hours.