Feeling high, Feeling Low – Here’s why your income follows the same route…

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Deliberate Millionaire

I have been on a high recently and now, I feel as though I am coming back down to a normal kind of place. (Mostly, because I am pretty tired having been awake until some ungodly hour last night preparing this for you (OHHHHHH I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/deliberatemillionaire – and also because my lovely princesses have decided that 630am is a great time to wake up every morning – I start to crawl up the walls when I do not have enough time to myself ?)

And yet, even though the high is starting to dip, the work must still be done.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could stay high all the time?

You know that feeling you get after attending a conference or reading a powerful book or doing anything that propels you to a whole new level of ‘WOOHOO’ ness?

Yes, I want that feeling ALL THE TIME!

And in my work, I want to have a community of raving fans & committed leaders who I am inspiring everyday, people who stay in contact with me and want to hear from me and buy from me and tell me regularly how amazing they think I am …

Yes, I am a bit of an ego-maniac.

And yet, even on days when this does not happen, can I stop and pretend to be less that what I am?

Am I really to be defined by anyone else’s reactions to me or to what I do?

Am I even to be defined by the fickleness of my mood?


NO, I don’t think so…

Whether high or low, who I am remains the same. My business remains useful to someone and I must keep doing the work whatever I feel like.

You and I must choose to determine who we are and what we get up to each and every day, regardless of mood.

You are a pro.

You can no longer be an amateur.

An amateur is someone who only does the work of putting themselves, their work, their creativity into the world when they think it will be received well.

They allow others to determine whether today is the day they do the work or not.

They wimp out at the first sign of difficulty or they never even start because they are caught up in dithering and planning and thinking and talking instead of just getting on and doing the work.

And their business keeps stop-starting all the time and they wonder why they never ever seem to make any progress and they look outside of themselves for someone, something to blame.

Oh yeah, it is because I have to look after the kids (I used to use this one all the time!)

It is because I don’t have the money (Another one I used far too frequently)

It is because of my very horrible past (Yep, another winning reason I used to stay broke and moan-y)

These are the words of amateurs and we can no longer be amateurs.

We have to step up and claim all that God wants to bestow upon us but HE will not force the issue.

OH NO!!!, He will wait until you stop excusing yourself and start claiming all that can be yours.

It is said in the Bible that faith without works is dead and yep, it is the truth. You can affirm, visualize, speak out in faith all you like but unless your ‘Faith’ is backed by action whatever you feel like, it is empty!

It gets you nowhere…

You may as well be the most doubtful, passive person alive because as some wiser person than me says ‘To know and not to do, is not to know’.

Enough of the waiting…

Step it up, warrior!

Step it up and start taking action to GET ALL THAT CAN BE YOURS if you will just stay consistent and do the work, day in, day out, whatever you feel!

Let’s go!

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