Today at the gym, I felt my feelings.

Normally, I read a book but today, I closed my eyes while on the cross trainer and with hand over my heart, I just felt my feelings…

I stopped trying to analyse them.

I stopped trying to figure out where this inner discomfort in my heart area was coming from.

I stopped trying to figure out who to blame for feeling the way I felt.

I just felt.

I leaned onto the Divine and felt.

Tears bubbled up and I let them.

I just kept feeling.

And by about 40 minutes into my daily exercise routine, I felt a little relief.

Enough relief to open my eyes and read my book for a few minutes before the end of my session.

I felt lighter

I felt clearer

Not perfect.  I know there is still some feeling work to be done around this but for today, I felt complete.

Why do I share this?

Not so long ago, instead of feeling my feelings, I would have reacted to my feelings.

I would have decided that there was something wrong with my business and broken something in there as I tried to fix an internal issue with an external action.

Or I would have started an argument with my husband and got us to the brink of divorce, only to finally realise that the problem was within me, not within the relationship.

Or maybe I would have tried to get my children to do something different, upsetting the balance of their calm everyday life with my erratic emotional ups and downs.

This is the kind of nonsense that happens when you do not handle your feelings.

AND I would not even have realised that I was trying to fix the wrong thing.  I would totally have believed that it was THEIR or ITS fault and they need to change…NOW! if I am to be happy.

That was the crazy life I used to live before I realised that I needed to FEEL/PROCESS my feelings and ACT on my goals, not ‘act on my feelings’ while wishing for my goals.

Or if you are super-spiritual and very much into the law of attraction stuff, you would be FEELING the FEELINGS of your achieved goal for about 5 minutes while ACTING on your current low-level-sadness / desperation / anxiety / depression / anger / whatever main emotion you normally feel on a daily basis, for 24 hours minus the 5 minutes of deliberate feeling.

You would then wonder why you are not manifesting the things that you desire.

You would then wonder why life just seems so hard and difficult.

And you would probably keep avoiding the actual feeling work that is necessary to process your feelings and so, you will keep being led around like a puppet on strings.

WAKE UP, my love. There is so much more to life for you but you will never get there while you remain unaware of how you sabotage your own awesome self.

Feel your feelings.

Act on your goals.

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