Most humans act on their feelings

They are trying to avoid feeling pain and so their every action is designed to do that

They even start to define their goals by trying to avoid any painful feelings

They then wonder why they perform below their true potential, why they continually feel empty and unfulfilled and why they feel a low-level sadness all the time.

We cannot be like this

We must feel our feelings

And act on our goals.

When you start acting on your feelings in your business, you do things like never offer anything for sale because you feel like your work is not good enough, like YOU are not good enough.

You also try to avoid feeling the rejection of someone saying no to your offering and so again, you do not offer anything for sale.

If you were acting on your goal to create a 6 Figure coaching, healing, course-creator business that transformed many people’s lives, you would offer something for sale repeatedly until your person bought.  You would allow those who do not like what you have to offer, fall away from your world and it may sting a little but you would realise that you will not die because someone rejected you.

Again, feel your feelings

Allow them to run their course within you

Cry when you need to

Yell when you need to

Laugh out loud when you need to

And while all that is going on, ACT BOLDLY on your goals

There is no need to wait until you feel completely clear as you could be waiting a while

Have clear goals written out

Determine how many clients you would like

Determine how much money you would like to make

And act to bring that to life, regardless of what your feelings are doing.

Your spirituality is not a way to avoid doing the simple daily actions required to bring your goals to life

Yes, Lean into the Divine and allow yourself to be loved. Know that any unhelpful emotions will be resolved, evolved or dissolved in the love of the Divine so you do not need to spend ages fixing your every negative feeling.

And keep your vision, your goals at the top of your mind and do the next obvious practical thing to bring your goals to life.


✅ Feel your feelings

✅ Act on your goals.

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Much Amazing Love


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