Stop living like a beggar

Stop living like a servant

Stop living as though struggle is your only option.

Have you forgotten who you are?

Have you forgotten that prosperity in all its forms, is your divine right?

It would seem that you have and you have chosen to settle for whatever scraps life hands you.

Honey, you are co-creator with the Divine

You have CHOICE about how your life plays out.

In fact, you are the ONLY ONE with all the choices for your life.

I know it can seem like you have no choice but to go along to get along but it is not true.

It is time to remember who you are.

It is time to wake up to the creative ability that lives within you.

The ability to upgrade your income, your relationships, your health, EVERYTHING is all within you.

You never EVER have to stay stuck in situations that do not suit you, if you will simply choose to use your divine abilities as well as your physical abilities.

There are 2 parts to you, my love – The unseen and the seen.

And if you have exhausted everything you know to do in the physical then SURELY, it is time to remember that you are only using a very small portion of what is possible for you.

It is time to take heaven BY FORCE.

It is time to stop wimping about whether God wants you to be prosperous or not and DECIDE that you will be.

It is not the Divine holding you back, it is your flawed thinking, my love.  It is not the Divine keeping you stuck in struggle, trying to teach you some lesson, IT IS YOU telling yourself that you are not worthy enough and that you need to pay some hefty price for a life you do not even like.


Start using your imagination.

Start using your thoughts and feelings.

Start using your words to speak life over yourself.

Start going BOLDLY into the inner realm and ASK FIRMLY for new ideas.

Expect them to come!

Stop believing your old mass-mind-conditioning that says that only the physical is real.

Stop living in such a limited way – AWAKEN TO THE POWER THAT IS YOURS to create the life you truly desire.


Everything you need is available there for you to very firmly DECIDE to create and then STAY YOUR GROUND until it is materialised in the physical.

Please, stop being such a wimpy spiritual person – You KNOW you are meant for more. Stop looking, looking, looking for new solutions and start now to apply something CONSISTENTLY.

Your imagination, your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your intuition are superpowers more potent than just physically working harder and harder.

It is not enough just to keep praying & hoping for the Divine to come save the day.

The Divine is waiting on you to truly get serious about what you claim to want.

Start picturing what you desire CLEARLY – See it done.  SEE IT COMPLETE

Feel yourself at the completed vision.  Feel all the feelings.

Yes, use your imagination to do this.  Even a child can do this.  Keep it simple, my love.

Now, start listening for intuitive nudges and DO SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT YOU HEAR.

Trust what you hear.  ACT ON IT. Keep living in the completed vision within yourself.

KNOW THIS – Your external world is being created from your internal world and your imagination, thoughts, feelings, words are vastly more potent than just your physical action alone.

If you are constantly picturing lack and struggle and difficulties in relationships or speaking of ill-health or depression, I can promise you that life will picture that.  If you are immersed in a life full of people, media, entertainment etc that keep reinforcing this struggle and lack stuff then again your life will continue to picture that.

If you are living like most people, you will tell yourself that you are just being ‘real’.  That you are just reacting to life as it is and that there is nothing you can do about it.  If you are like most people, you will feel victimised by life.


If you would DELIBERATELY choose to immerse yourself in prosperous thoughts, if you would DELIBERATELY choose to picture your completed vision, regardless of what your current existence looks like, if you would partner with the Divine, fully expecting to be supported in creating your big, expansive, wide open space life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love, THEN, my love, your external life would HAVE TO Change to reflect what you are creating within you.

the power is within YOU.

Fearlessly appropriate all that you desire from the inside out.

The Divine is not withholding anything from you.


Awaken, dear soul.


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Simple techniques.

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Much Amazing Love

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