I catch myself from time to time, downplaying my vision…

Pretending it is smaller than what it is because I get afraid and Papa called me on it this morning…

And so now I am calling you on it as well.

We do it, don’t we?

We think it is impossible and so we try to settle for less…

After all, even the less could be okay, right?

But the lesser vision is not as exhilarating to pursue as the real vision and so then, the effort we put into it will reduce as well.

That is what fear does.

It makes you play small and prove yourself right

Because you will always prove yourself right, you know?

As Henry Ford tells us,

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right”

or something along those lines.

So, for a moment now, whip out that journal of yours…

And write down the whole big vision…

Forget the fear for a moment and just write it all down

See it in your mind’s eye, this great vision you have for all of your life…

The relationships you would have – Intimate one and friendships

The work you would be doing and the difference you would be making

The holidays you would take and the countries you want to see

The things you could buy for parents and children without having to say “I cannot afford it”

The time you want to have so that you can pursue more of the things that interest you

Maybe you could give more time to your religious organisation or the charity that you really believe in…

You could wake up whenever you want to wake up and set the tone for your own life rather than feeling like you have to be at the beck and call of anyone

Just write it all down

Do not filter it

And when you feel the fear and the doubt start to rise within you, just acknowledge it but then let it go and let yourself dream bigger than big.

Listen, do not put pressure on yourself to figure out the ‘how’ of it all…

Just choose to trust that if you have a vision then it is your permission to have it all…

Don’t you see yet, that your vision is unique to you because you are EXACTLY the person to bring it to life and as spiritual people, we are not constrained by only what is possible – We go for EVERYTHING we see in our mind’s eye.

This is not just something we sing about at church

We need to see that it is truth in real life and then we need to prove it by being willing to listen to those intuitive nudges that tell us what the next step is.

We do not need to know HOW it will happen when we dream it and when we write it down – We simply need to trust that it WILL Happen and that it is ours if we will stay in faith and keep trusting and acting on the intuitive nudges within us.

These are the exact words Papa said to me today and I know He says it to you as well..

“Do not let your fear limit your vision.

I placed the vision in you.

Allow it to prosper you and prosper others”

Sometimes, we forget just how important we are to the planet as a whole.  We think that we are just being selfish when we see the hugeness of the vision we want to create.

Well, I KNOW just how important it is for the world to know about the DELIBERATE LIFE

And I ask you to see that you too are important to the evolution of this planet on which we live.

You may not be of the world but you are in it and so please, understand that you are here to impact and change the course of the planet – Something about that vision you have for your life will trigger something in someone else and that will trigger something in someone else and before you know it, you have impacted others for good just by you refusing to allow your fear to limit your vision.

OWN your true vision.


Much amazing love

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