Lean in…

Lean against the very edge of your comfort

Break through that zone

And stay out of it.

Yes, it is tempting to allow yourself to snap back into comfort and you probably will do it a few times but you do not have to stay snapped back in the stagnancy of your comfort zone.

Everything you desire is on the other side of fear

If anything, the fear is pointing the way to what you want…

It is EXACTLY the direction you need to go in

So do not allow fear to keep you small – LET IT PROPEL YOU FORWARD, if it must do anything.

You hear the voice of the Divine within you, calling you out, calling you deeper into yourself, calling you to elevate your consciousness, to allow yourself to truly prosper as you step into the person you are created to be.

As you shout louder about your business and how you can serve people…

As you ask boldly for the sale

Listen to that voice.

That still sweet voice

That does not change according to fear.

Instead it just stays steady, reminding you of what is possible when you choose to boldly claim the best of everything

The world with all its rules, dogmas, traditions and nonsense has limited you but NOW, you can take the limits off…

Now, you can catch a glimpse of your true nature and you can step into that.



Do not allow those who preach ‘lack’ to tell you that it is somehow greedy to demand that life open up and release all its goodies to you…

That is just the nonsense of those who do not understand abundance

You know there is no limit to you

You know it deep within

So do not let fear and the need to be liked, allow you to limit yourself

Imagine the life you can create for your and yours

Imagine just how full of ease it can be as you step into your true design path

yes, there will be stretching as you transition but then, there will be joy, exhilaration as you recognise yourself again

The one who knows that he/she is safe, loved and fully supported


Fear can no longer limit you

Go forward with confidence


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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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