Why would you let that fear-based stuff in your head? Give up on the news!

Don't Watch The News



They go through their life, telling themselves that they are using their free will when they watch crazy stories on the news, they tell themselves that they are keeping informed but what they are really doing is keeping themselves down – just like a herd of sheep, they go wherever the media takes them.


The problem, of course, is that they feel full of pride about their education and how aware they are of things happening in the world.


All the while, they live waaaay beneath their potential because there is an underlying fear that holds them back.


They are not even aware of it…


AND most of all, they are playing to the agenda of the media and that of people in ‘authority’ who want the masses to think a certain way, giving them leeway to do whatever they like for the ‘good of the nation’!


At the moment, (I don’t even want to mention it), there is a horrid news story going round and people listen and watch in lurid fascination. And all the while, feelings of revenge, of helpless frustration, of FEAR, rise up within the nation.


The more passive types will tell themselves that it is just news, they will tell themselves there is no reason not to watch it or listen to it, they will say silly things like it helps them to understand that not every member of this religion live life like that.


And yet, did anyone actually need to watch the media’s portrayal of the story in order to believe that not everyone was like that?!


You knew that already!


What actually happens is that you trust less and you fear more!


AND you defend your right to allow the media do this to you.


Really?! How very silly!


If in anyway, you consider yourself to be a Warrior, and you want to become a Wealthy warrior, then this is my advice to you…




Switch off the TV, Switch off the radio, Forget what the whole world is doing to each other and quietly, determinedly go about your own business.


YES, BE DIFFERENT from the sheep around you. Their thinking is FLAWED and they just go along with whatever line the media feeds them and proudly (though stupidly) call themselves enlightened.


You will not die if you choose not to know what is happening in the world. What will happen is that you start to pay attention to the needs in front of you, which you CAN do something about.


You will stop getting randomly angry at the people in YOUR PRESENT life. Yes, I know you may not link this with what you are exposing yourself to, day in, day out but it is a HUGE factor.


(Think about it for a second – You listen to a story about a foreign person in a foreign land doing something evil to another person, it angers you but you cannot go over there to solve the problem so you randomly spew your frustration over someone right here in front of you – Everyone needs an outlet)


Instead, warrior, allow the silence of no news stories to work its magic on you, you will start to be brave, you will start to see the people around you differently, you will start to live more fully in the NOW.


Your brain, your thoughts will become less harried and you will see ALL the choices in front of you.


Fear limits you, friend! Even the fear you do not acknowledge – it still is there, working its evil magic on you …


So why put yourself in place to build those fears?


YES, to start with, what I suggest will feel tough but who said living like the wealthy 2% is something you just fall into?


No, you CHOOSE to become one of the 2% instead of just going along like sheep.


Will you do it? Will you be a wealthy warrior?


To discover more about living a life that creates abundance easily for you and those around you, let us have a ‘Life Upgrade’ Strategy Session – Just send me a message.

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