You think you are being humble…

You think that you are being modest…

And yet, it serves absolutely no one when you try to play a smaller game than the one you are born to play!

It makes you feel unfulfilled…

It makes you lash out at people in your life because you know you are living WAY below your actual potential…

And worst of all, is the regret you feel!  The regret at all the time passing you by as you wait for your moment to shine!

And what is your excuse?

Humility?! What rubbish!

A lack of self-belief?! Utter Nonsense!

You do not know how?!  FIND OUT THEN!

It is not wrong to fully own the person you are born to be!  It is precisely the way it should be and you should never have to downplay yourself to appear humble!

Whatever lies you have been fed since birth, now need to be laid down so that you can get to work doing the work you are born to do.  You do not need permission from anyone – not your pastor, not your spiritual guru, not your family, NO ONE!

You are the only one that can make that solid decision to finally step up and shine…

And if you are waiting on God to tell you to go, HE ALREADY HAS! by gifting you with the vision, the abilities and talents you have and the internal passion to fulfil it!  So please, just get on with it!

And yes, you will feel afraid!  Of course you will – After all, you have been living this half-life for so long and now you have forgotten what it really means to live full-out as the warrior-champion that you are…

And yet you have everything you need to be that person!

You have been gifted with power to fulfil the calling on your life, to build the business that will impact people in this specific way – No one else can do this like you and yet, you hide!

Seriously, can you please wake up, step up and be the leader you are born to be!

Stop telling me your sad story of fear and a lack of confidence…

Stop telling yourself that sad story.

The only thing stopping you from winning is YOU and your refusal to see that those BIG IDEAS and dreams you have within you are there for you to fulfil.  They are not there to taunt you, to make you feel a longing that can never be fulfilled…

They are there for you to DO THEM!

Will you make a start already?

You have God and the WHOLE UNIVERSE on your side and everything, all of creation, is waiting for you to finally jump up and say ‘I AM READY!”

Is today your day?

OR are there still some more excuses that we all have to listen to, while you give yourself another pass for today?

You are a part of the jigsaw puzzle that is the planet on which we live and it is only as you step into who you are, fully that the picture gets a little more complete. And best of all, YOU feel complete, you feel fulfilled, you create a life that you actually like instead of living one that you are putting up with, biding time with, until you can move on to something else…

Instead of doing that, just start now to live the life you dream of.

I get it, you feel that you must be sensible, practical and all of that and yet, can you not see that you have been trained since birth to be a drone, a cog in someone else’s machine.  Break free!


And commit!  Commit fully!  With every fibre in your being, COMMIT!

That is the only way you get to live a life of purpose, a life that fulfils you and a life that impacts the world in the way you dream of.

Today, not tomorrow, not soon, not one day – MAKE A COMMITMENT and stick to it until the vision becomes reality.

Today is your day to step up, own your awesome and begin to change the world.

The World awaits your awakening!

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Much Amazing Love 

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