If you have been trying and failing to reach 6 figures in your business, it can seem impossible to keep believing in yourself and to keep having faith in your inevitable success

You may pretend to be all in but when I look at your actions, I can point out exactly where you are playing ‘not to lose’ and trying to stay safe from further failure but the problem with this approach is that your focus is on failure.

It feels inevitable to you that you will fail.  I mean, you have evidence of failure right there in front of you.  It seems deluded to pretend otherwise.

As always, the choice is yours – what would you rather have faith in – your inevitable failure or your inevitable success?

Your faith, self-belief, courage will rescue you from failure IF YOU HAVE FAITH IN YOUR INEVITABLE SUCCESS.

So tell me, do you have faith in your success?

Do you have pictures in your mind or feelings associated with how awesome life is now that you have achieved your goals?

Do you have a feeling of deep peace because you KNOW your success is inevitable?

Go on, look within you now…

What is the dominant feeling?

And realise that you cultivated and fed that dominant feeling.  It did not just happen.  It is not a result of what your physical reality is telling you, it is a result of your focus and your decision about what your physical reality means.

Today’s results can be perceived as corrections on the path to your inevitable success or they can be perceived as dead end failures that you will never recover from – What is your perception?  What meaning do you give to your results? what story do you tell yourself time and time and time again?

All of that is building your faith but is it being built in the success or the failure direction?

Pay attention to your inner stories.  They have so much power over you, your feelings, your thoughts, your behaviours.

Faith in your success is the antidote to failure but you do have to be deliberate about it and it truly can be one of the toughest things to do to FOCUS and DEMAND your success when the physical reality seems to be indicating that it is impossible.

Remember, you have all the choices so what do you choose to have faith in?

Right now, create an affirmation of your inevitable success and start to repeat it to yourself, write it down, feel into it. BE REPETITIVE!

You may claim that that is too simplistic to work…


The most effective things are the most simplistic things.

And right now, you are busy repeating to yourself a passively chosen affirmation of your inevitable failure and it is working,  I suggest you get DELIBERATE about the thoughts allowed to stick around in your head.

Again, your choice.

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Much Amazing Love


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