It is a very strong illusion though, isn’t it?

It feels so real even though mostly it lives in our imagination.

Triumph is an illusion, too – Just so we are clear.

Both of these things are usually defined by something external to us – SOMEONE external to us.

Our parents told us the way we must go in order to be successful and we believed them.

TV programs show us what success and failure look like and again, we ignore our own thoughts and allow ourselves to be instructed by the imagination of someone else.

Our peers make us feel that unless we fit in, unless we blend into their completely, thoughtless version of the world then we are not right – We have failed. And they make us feel that when we blend in, then we succeed!

It does not feel right on the inside though… and so we feel dissatisfied with seeming triumph.

On the outside looking in, it may have seem like we have it all together but living inside our own skin, it feels wrong.

And you wonder why?

You wonder why you cannot find peace doing what ‘THEY’ say should make you happy.

It doesn’t though.

It doesn’t make you happy.

Failure Is An Illusion That YouIt just keeps you distracted because if you look too deeply at what is really going on inside you, it will hurt and you are not quite sure you can deal with that yet…

So, time keeps a-ticking, you keep getting older, living a fake life because you are worried about failure.

Again, can I remind you that failure (as you think of it) is an illusion.

The only real failure is getting to the end of your life and never really living the life you were designed to live. The only real failure is living a life that was determined for you by anyone, other than yourself.

That is real failure.

What you consider to be failure is nothing compared to that.

When you think of failure, you are thinking about making mistakes as you try to find your own path…

You are thinking of things like losing your reputation because you made a public mistake…

You are thinking about things like not having money…

And none of these things are permanent unless you make it so.

And yet, these imagined ‘failures’ keep people locked into a life they hate and it does make me wonder which one is the real failure.

Stated so starkly, surely you can see which one is really failure?

And yet, I get it!

It is not so easy to walk away from all familiarity to start to forge a new path towards your own happiness. It feels wrong, selfish and most of all, far too humbling to admit that what you have done to date, is not satisfying to you at all.

So, you keep doing what you do…

And all the time, you forget that this is not a dress rehearsal – There is no do-over, this is actually your life so if you do not make the break and choose to create a life, maybe even a business that you want, then you will only have yourself to blame when the end comes.

Which it does for every single one of us…

How morbid!

OK, enough of that stuff, can I remind you of who you really are?

You are a person with true power…

You are a person who can create wealth easily if you will allow your real self to shine through and let go of the fears around being your true powerful self…

You are a person with a calling, a purpose, a message of encouragement for people around you who are still stuck living out someone else’s picture of what their life should be…

And yes, the journey will seem tough as you are breaking away from the familiar and that is not easy.
But really, you know you want to!

You want the health of a reinvigorated life…
You want the loving relationships that tend to come to those who are on purpose…
You want the wealth that comes to anyone who is being themselves fully…
You want to know that deep connection with the universe, with your maker, you want to know that you have done what you are here to do…

So, wake up warrior!

It is time to fight for and create the life, the business you want and slowly but surely, start to discard the pieces of an unwanted, dissatisfying life.

And please, do not try this alone – It is HARD and the chances are, you will ease your way back into your dissatisfying life.

Find your tribe, Find your coach/mentor – Someone who will stand by you and see what you are too close to be able to see.

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