We watch the movies of people building out their dreams.

It is all wrapped up in 90 minutes of high octane drama.

You feel the highs.

You feel the lows.

And it is done, they win huge and you wipe a tear off your cheek and your heart is warmed.

‘It always works out’ you think.

However, it feels like all their failures happen too quickly to hurt and so, when you fail in the ‘real’ world and it feels like your failures are lasting FOREVER, you think there must be something wrong with you.

Surely, you should not fail this many times.

Surely, it should not take this long to win huge.

Surely, everyone else that succeeds, knows something you do not know.

And so, you go searching for another answer to what is wrong and that takes your eye off the ball once more and it makes everything take longer.

STOP IT, Honey.

The truth is, everyone who does anything significant fails many, many, MANY times before they win.

Some fail for YEARS before they win.

But every seeming failure adds up to the HUGE WIN.

And I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS but do you really KNOW this?

And also, are you truly committed?

Really, truly committed to the HUGE WIN?

Because it seems that when it starts happening to you, you allow failure to slow you down.

You label yourself a failure.

You lose focus.  You start chasing money or love again.

You start chasing answers out there, where there are no real answers.

When really, the only solution is to optimistically pull the next idea out of your hat and roll with it, as though the last 20 failures never happened.

There is no definitive answer to the question of what will work for you, regardless of what the marketing gurus tell you.

You can find foundational things to do, for sure.

You can pick up new ideas, for sure.

But ultimately, there is you, moment by painful moment (at times), finding your own unique path to the HUGE WIN you dream of.

And you will WIN HUGE!

Maybe not in 90 minutes, like in the movies.

But YOU WILL, if you master your inner world, trust your ability to win and stay the course.

And not only that, you will become someone more powerful than you ever imagined you could be.

YOu will become someone completely unfazed by the nonsense happening in the physical reality.

One because most problems can be solved by having more than enough money so what’s to worry about?  And this will happen if you choose to create more than enough money.

And two, because you truly realise that the nonsense you go through, ALWAYS passes.


And so you are not so swayed anymore because you see through the nonsense.

You KNOW now that you cannot be bought by money or love.

You know your Source is within.

YOU know that you have what it takes.

You know you are incredibly tenacious.

And with all those awesome qualities on your side, OF COURSE, you continue to go from one win to the next.

(with still some failures in between)


Get on path.


Do not be swayed.

this is the deliberate life path.

And it leads to freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love.


Fail quick.  WIN HUGE.

Will you?


My latest deliberate immersion audio program for $7

Simple steps to use to get on course, stay on course and secure the win.


Much Amazing Love

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