Would You Like To Use Facebook to Get More Customers, Clients, Recruits and Make More Money In Your Business?

Facebook Training

Dear Entrepreneur (Current or soon to be),

Are you struggling to get people to pay you any attention on Facebook?

Are you frustrated because there is a great number of people selling exactly what you are and you wonder how to stand out and get more customers into your business?

Everyone seems to be using it and logically, it seems to be the best place to connect with your audience, after all, there are over a billion people on the platform so surely, you can find a few customers, right?

Yet, something is just not working – You struggle to put posts together, and when you do make it happen, hardly anyone sees them and so you wonder if you are just wasting your time.  But you are not sure where else to turn.

How frustrating is that!

You have a business and you know there are potential customers on Facebook who fit your criteria but getting them to pay you attention when there is such a huge number of other entrepreneurs seemingly fighting over the same prospects, is proving impossible.

You are even beginning to wonder if there are just too many people vying for the same audience and you wonder if you should bow out gracefully.


Introducing ‘Facebook! Updated For 2016! – The DM’s Path To A Bigger Audience, More Engagement, More Customers, Sales & Profits’

In this training, I am going to start from scratch and show you exactly how to use Facebook even if you have never been comfortable with it before.

Discover …

  • How To Set Up Your Profile So that it attracts people to your business while keeping your private things private.  Do not make the mistakes I made by setting up more than one profile.

  • What To Put On Your Facebook Page and profile to attract attention

  • How to market properly on Facebook

  • How to reach people all over the world who want to use your product or service to enhance their lives

  • How to increase the reach so that more people see your posts

  • How to increase your audience without spending huge amounts on advertising

  • Why it is a waste of money to spend lots of money on Facebook, if you have not done these certain things first

  • When should you boost your posts and when it is a waste of time and money

  • How to convert more of your fans into customers

  • How to decide the best time to post for maximum exposure and how frequently to post

  • How to stand out from lots of other people doing exactly the same thing as you.  Time to be different from the competition.

  • How to Use Facebook groups to extend your reach and also, how to find more of the ones that will benefit your business.

  • How to recruit more people into your business opportunity using a mixture of free and paid activities on Facebook

  • How to increase your engagement rate because that really is the only way to make money on Facebook.  How to get more likes, more shares, more comments.

  • How to stop wasting time on Facebook and use your time to make yourself some money instead

And so much more.

This is a full on training which will take place over a 6 week period and once you are in, you get access forever to all updates which I intend to do for the time you are a member of the Deliberate Millionaire.  We all know how frequently things change in Facebook so I will help you stay on top of the changes.

How will this course be delivered?

Each week, you will receive a training audio/video and a worksheet.

  1. Free Facebook Strategies

    a) The profile page – How to use your profile page to get more customers, clients, recruits NOW!
    b) Facebook groups – Yours or someone else’s can be a goldmine for you – Let me show you how!
    c) Your business page – It may seem like the reach is goin gdown but there are still ways to grow your business – Let me show you how!

    You will learn how to use each of these areas of Facebook freely to generate interest in what you have to offer, to build your list and to convert these leads into more customers.

    These Strategies alone in the last 3 days have made me over $5k and a client $10k – YOU need to KNOW what I am up to!

  2. Paid Facebook Strategies

    Let’s dig deep into using Facebook Advertising – Audiences, Boost Posts, Like Ads, Website conversions, Clicks to website, Lead Ads and so much more. We will dig deep in 3 weeks and you will be able to turn your money into MORE money FAST!

    Each week, you will get a series of videos/audios showing you the best ways to set up ads to get the best results from as little as $5-$10 a day.  It is amazing how easy it is to use Facebook adverts to ramp up your stuff.


 You will have daily actions and you will be held accountable within the Deliberate Millionaire.  As this is an immersion experience, join in prepared to ask for support and give support to other DMs in the group.  No wall flowers allowed.  Join in and get the best results out of the course as you deliberately get all the support you need to move forward.


What is the investment?

At this point, you are wondering how much this is all going to cost you.  And if you have looked at other people’s training (training which I probably have already bought!), then you will know that Facebook training is usually going to set you back a minimum of $997 and there would be very minimal access to the trainer.  

In fact, with the access to me that you will get on a daily basis in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club, this course is worth considerably more than $3000.

And I can tell you right now, that after this 2016 update, the price on this program is going up to $797 because I KNOW that even one of the weeks’ training can make you a heckuva lot more than that!

However, as I say, I am updating this right now for 2016 –  Pretty excited about showing all the new developments!

And so, for that reason, the total investment on this program is NOT $797 but you save massively and get it for…

$999 $379 (Approx £320)


So… if you are a driven, determined entrepreneur who knows the power of Facebook and you want to profit from it, without all the confusion of figuring out the ‘how’ on your own, then join in this program by clicking the button below.  Your first module gets delivered to you on Wednesday.

Yes-Let-Me-In-Now-ButtonOr pay 4 monthly instalments of $97 (Approx £78)


You Have Always Been A Revolutionary (9)Wahey!

I do love to give bonuses…

  1. 2 months free access to the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club for input from me into your business and ideas for wealth creation

  2. A FREE 30 minute ‘More Impact, More Income’ Consultation with me – This is one on one to hash your business out

  3. The Daily Musts Checklist – See what a millionaire in the making does on a daily basis to grow her empire

  4. Turn $10 into $11, $15, $50 or more using FB ADvertising – I did this program just a few weeks ago and now you can have it as a bonus for joining this

  5. 2 Live Group Coaching Calls with me where we regularly have hot seats so that I can give specific input into your business

And just before we continue, who am I?

small copy of meI am Rosemary Nonny Knight and for the last few years, I have been using Facebook to grow my audience internationally and though it certainly has not been easy, I definitely feel pretty blessed to live in this day and age where social media makes it so easy to be seen in business.

However, as I mentioned, it has not always been easy.  In fact there are days when I am ready to throw in the towel completely because yes, you guessed it, Facebook can be a bit of an animal to understand so I have invested in trainings and coaching and all kinds of things to increase my knowledge.  I have experimented, wasted a lot of money, probably still do but as a result, I have learnt and implemented quite a few things which has massively increased my wealth.

And now, for the first time, I am ready to dig deep into this with you and show you how you too, can make more money and grow your business using Facebook.

Hopefully, you realise from what I say, that this will be hard work.  You can learn everything I know and unless you do the hard work of implementing, nothing will change for you and your business.  I don’t mean to sound negative but I do really want you to win so I must be clear with you from the start.  There is absolutely no point you coming into The Deliberate Millionaire looking for a magic bullet, there is not one.  However, there are solid principles that you can work with to increase your business profits.

So… if you are a driven, determined entrepreneur who knows the power of Facebook and you want to profit from it, without all the confusion of figuring out the ‘how’ on your own, then join in this program starting immediately.

Yes-Let-Me-In-Now-ButtonOr pay 4 monthly instalments of $97 (Approx £78)

See you in the group!