Facebook – Why bother?

There are so many reasons to use Facebook, but all that matters is the one big reason and it is this…

If you have something to say…

If you have a message to deliver to the world…

If you know you are called to change the lives of many through your product, service, opportunity or story…

Then why on earth would you consider not being on Facebook at this time?

Yes, there are all kinds of other social media platforms available out there but if you have not mastered one of them, then what on earth are you doing trying to master all of them?

I mean, seriously.

First and foremost, realise that there are about 1 billion people on Facebook – Could your audience be there?

I think so.

So, why are you not on there?  Showing up, telling people what you are about, showing them your wares and telling them how you can assist them?

Or maybe you are and it is just not working for you?  You keep hoping to get people’s attention by doing nothing other than being bland and you wonder why no one is paying attention.  There is you and another ‘God Knows how many’ on there, selling what you are selling and because you are not being bold about your story and difference, then no one chooses you or even notices you.

It is time to step up with confidence.

There is a ready audience available to you, if you will reach out and take it.  But you have to be bold, know your stuff, be willing to help your people get results.

There are three areas for you to play this game.

  1. Your ProfileTo be used for personal stuff and to gently share your message from time to time.  Connect with people.
  2. Your business pageDo you have one?  This is where you invite people and you offer entertainment, inspiration and you show exactly how your product, service or whatever is going to help them.  Be BOLD about telling them.  Do not hold back.  Inspire them but make sure you tell them how you can help.  What is the point of being inspired and entertained if nothing in your life changes?
  3. Facebook groupsForm your own or join others.  This is another place to make connections with people.  Remember and never forget that it is people that you are in business to support.  Do not start to see them as numbers or people to spam with your message.  Be a real person, just like you would be offline.

Do you want to know how to use Facebook to grow your business and brand?

Join me in The Deliberate Millionaire and ask to take part in the coming Facebook Advanced Training which starts 5th October.

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