What Can I Put On My Facebook Page To Generate More Leads & Grow My Business?

By August 15, 2015May 5th, 2020Self Development

Facebook Page, Generate More LEadsFacebook is definitely the place to be when building a business.  With over a billion people logging in and spending on average twenty minutes there each day, it is certainly the place to hang up your shingle and make a start immediately telling people about your business opportunity, your coaching services or even your products and services.

Even if you are business to business, there is the HUGE possibility that your people are there on Facebook.  After all, businesses are headed by PEOPLE!

So, if you are using Facebook to attract more prospects and leads into your business, then you might be wondering what to put on your page to get attention.  And not just any attention but the attention of the people you want in your life and here are a few ideas for you.

Before I start that, however… Do you have a Facebook Page?

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Yes, great!  Because Facebook only wants you to promote your business on your Facebook page and everything I talk about in this post is to be used on your Facebook page or even in a group.  Your profile should be kept for private stuff and if you make it too business related, you could wake up and discover that your profile is now a page or that you have lost your profile completely.  So, do not underestimate the powers that be in Facebook.  They may be annoying but hey, it is such a great platform that it is worth staying on their good side.


This is a big one.  For whatever reason, people enjoy quotes.  Try to keep them at the level of the person you want to make contact with.  You can create your own quotes or use Google to fish out really good ones that you want to use and ones that appeal to you so that you can add your own words to it after quoting the quote.

2. Images

Images are pretty big as well.  And imagine combining images with quotes and putting them on your page and you immediately get a lot of engagement with your content and your brand.  You can use places like canva.com and picmonkey.com to create the images.

You can use an application like postplanner as well to see what is working on other people’s pages and you can share the same content or preferably create something similar. Postplanner picks out the most engaging content available and gives it a star rating.  Explore it.

3. Videos

Upload videos directly to Facebook as at the moment, they are getting in credible amounts of engagement bearing in mind the reduced reach of all other content on Facebook.  There is a rumour that Facebook wants to overtake YouTube for delivering videos.  You can use things like screencast-o-matic to create screenshare videos as well as using your webcam to record yourself talking to your people.  You can also use your smartphone to record videos.

4. Blog posts

The way I use blog posts is that when I write them, I put them directly onto Facebook after creating an image in canva.  I then put it on my website and publish it again two days later onto my Facebook page and other social media platforms.  this enables it to be seen at least twice by my people on Facebook.  I also advertise my blog posts to get more eyeballs and expand my reach.  Of course, I am used to creating posts regularly so I have a lot of content to share each day.  You can do that as well in order to get your words out in the world.  The thing I find about getting leads using my content is that people are more likely to only stick around if they like the way you word things.  And those are the people I want – I believe you can keep your people with your content and you can repel those who are not your people by your content so you build a tribe of people who you enjoy hanging around.

5. Questions

These are a great way to get people responding to you on your Facebook page.  Get to know your people more and the information they provide can help with attracting more like-minded people and also just understanding what your people really do want.

To start, these five status updates can make a huge difference to the interest you start to get in your business.  The one I did not add there but I assume is known is that one of your status updates must be to ask people to get onto your mailing list.  Do you know how to do that?  If not, Get the FREEDOM COLLECTION – It covers everything you need to make a swift transition if you are willing to follow along – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/freedomcollection


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