Face up to the things you are avoiding or else face the consequences

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Face The Consequences

Today, I got shocked and horrified that something I had been trying to avoid had finally come along and caught me up. I had left myself exposed in a business deal and the cows almost came home to roost. Maybe they still will…

And I had to face up to the fact that I had made a mistake. I had trusted where I should not have trusted and I had left myself exposed because most people do have the best of intentions but life happens…

This is THE truth…

There is no way of hiding from the truth.

Finally, you have to face up to it. Finally, you have to actually deal with it.

Like most people, I tried to pretend that it would all sort itself out without any input from me and needless to say, it did not.

As much as I talk about being responsible in all areas of life, I had not been very responsible here and I exposed my family to a financial setback because I had been avoiding things. How silly of me!

Have I learnt my lesson? I think I have, though there is still a part of me that wants to trust, to help, to stay in the game and see how it all plays out. If I do, then I must figure out a way to protect my behind because really, business is business and wandering around with your bum hanging out is not cool. Not for you and definitely not for the person behind you!

OK, so what do you need to face up to today? (You know I have to bring it back to you!)

What are you feeling slightly uncomfortable about? What are you pretending is not an issue but really, if you allowed yourself to look at it, you know it could backfire and burst into flames all over the place.

And it can be in any area of life…

It can be in your intimate relationship – you kinda know something is not right but you do not want to look too closely…

It can be in your business – you are trusting someone and not protecting yourself.   You are avoiding the bills, hoping that somehow some extra money will come in.

It can be your health – you are getting those little niggles that something is not right but you persist in avoiding getting it checked out.

It can be your finances – you are not looking at what is going on with them because you are scared of how deep you might be in debt.

Pretending this stuff is not there does not fix things. They just keep growing and growing and growing until one day, you cannot avoid it anymore.

Do not follow my example; heed my warning instead and take a look at what needs to be done and get it done.

I got pretty scared today and it all upset the balance of my day, I could have avoided it by acting sooner. Pay attention, friend, and do something different now.

Much Amazing Love

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