A lot of clients tell me that they do not feel like experts…

They feel a little like frauds actually!

And maybe you feel that way too so can I help you out a little?

ONE – You do know more than most about your subject…

Because you have studied it more than most.

Most entrepreneurs are enamoured with their business and unfortunately, spend a considerable amount of time trying to get better at doing their thing.  This does not help the business grow but it certainly sets you up as an expert.

Understand that no one is anywhere near as enamoured with your business as you are and so that in itself sets you up as an expert in the mind of anyone who listens to you.

And that brings me to my next point…

TWO – Help people listen to you

How do you do this?

Put your best thinking out in the world in the form of blog posts, videos, audios, books, white papers and much, much more.

This has the added benefit of helping you distil out the knowledge in your head.  When you take what know and put it into a structured form, you start to feel a lot more sure of yourself.  Then, your people – the prospects who read or watch or listen to your stuff – feel like they know you a little more.

THREE – Repurpose

You may have read the above point and thought that you were going to have to create more and more content until it was dropping out of your ears and where on earth were you to come up with all that content?

One blog post can be turned into a slide show (for slideshare), a video of you recording yourself reading it out.  The audio can then be extracted and uploaded to another site.  All the various pieces of content can be compiled into a book that is then placed on Amazon or can then be the basis of your next free giveaway.

MAKE SURE that each piece is used more than once.

FOUR – Interview others

And if in any real doubt, search out people you think are experts in your field and read their books, interview them and use that as a piece of content for your site as well.  People link you with those you associate with so, as you make more connections with the gurus in your industry, some of their celebrity rubs off on you.

FIVE – Ask Your People

Ask your subscribers questions as well about what they want to know and go do research on that and give them that exact content.  If enough people answer your question and you use that to create content, you will soon build up a body of work that gives any new prospects everything they need to feel like you are the exact expert that can help them.

And now…


Because ultimately being an expert is possible only by showing up consistently and doing the work even when uncertain.

The world awaits your awakening!

Kind regards
Rosemary Nonny Knight

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