Imagine with me…

Imagine that within you is an upstairs and a downstairs.

The upstairs is called your throne room and in there is your glorious throne.

The downstairs is called the underground.  There ain’t no throne there.  You hardly have time to sit down.

The throne is full of light & love.

The throne is filled with wonder and delight.

When you are on your throne, you feel incredibly amazing, you feel like you have come home to yourself, you feel like everything is right with the world.

You know you can create whatever you desire because you are seated in high places with the Divine.

You feel like you are soaring in total prosperity and success when you sit on your throne and your physical reality shifts easily to represent what you have created within you.

The Underground is dark.

A little light and love gets through just to keep you going but it quickly gets overpowered by the thickness of the dark and the fact that someone, something, some part of you keeps shutting the door to the light.

There is a lot of drama in the underground – Drama, noise and nonsense is what I like to call it.

All that drama, noise and nonsense is distracting and it keeps you from ascending the stairs to your throne. In fact, it keeps you from remembering where the stairs are. You long for the throne but you feel compelled to stay down in the underground.  There is always so much to sort out in the underground.  And it all seems soooo important.

People need you in the underground.  There is always somebody’s drama to sort out in the underground and of course, they would not be able to sort it without your input so you are there, always ready to be of assistance.

You are there for…

  • The children, grown up or not.  You must sacrifice all your dreams and visions for them, of course.  It is only right.


  • The parents who you MUST take care of in the most inconvenient way to you because you have no choice, they gave up lots for you and now it is your turn and let’s not forget, you are so nice and giving.


  • The partner who is so fragile that if you change any aspect of yourself, then he/she may leave you so you have unconsciously learnt to stay the same and find a way to put up with it.  You don’t want to be alone, do you?  And also, your religion or that renowned relationship guru says that you SHOULD STAY together, come what may, so you are willing to drown out any part of you that could rock the boat.  This is soooo unconscious you may not even realise the spell that the underground has on you.


Then there are cousins, friends, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, acquaintances and so on.  So many people – All with their own demands on your time.  All with their agendas for you.

And being the lovely person you are, you get stuck in.  You help, you support, you do what they expect you to do, you stay in their box for you.

And the throne room seems ever more a distant memory.

Something else that may live in the underground is the job you hate, but think you have to do in order to pay the bills.  That comes with its own stresses and worries.

You are scared you may lose the job though you hate it.

You are ALSO scared that you may have to stay in the job forever because yes, YOU HATE IT.

You tell yourself to be grateful that you even have a job – Sounds good and I agree that gratitude is awesome, however, you then spend lots of your freetime and even time on the job, complaining about the job to your colleagues or family or whoever will listen.  And then a lovely little huddle of whining people is built as all of you share a little something that the boss did or that that other person did not do and you all agree that the last complainer has it ABSOLUTELY the worst.

Or maybe, you realise that complaining does not help so you don’t complain and instead, you put on a smiley facade and get on with it while ignoring the despair and frustration at how powerless you feel in your life.

Complaining or not, you start having headaches and backaches but you keep going anyway because you feel you have no choice.  Your body keeps telling you in all kinds of ways that this is not good for you but hey, as you say, “I have no choice.  I gotta be responsible.  I gotta pay the bills.  This, that and the other person needs me to keep doing this and the boss will go under without me”

And on you go.

Yes, this is all part of the underground.

Something else in the underground could be your religious organisation.  Now, depending on how you use this building/gathering, it could be a part of your path back up to your throne but for most people, it is a part of the underground because it is used as a distraction from actually living your own life.  You get given titles and accolades and you can keep the smiley facade on, appear almost every day at the organisation, serving in one committee or the other and pretend that you are making a difference while you keep building someone else’s vision.  You can also tell yourself that it is God’s work.  (And I do not take it all away – Some of it can be good stuff but what is YOUR true motivation, my love?)

Your own vision, of course, has to be approved of by your spiritual leader before you can even think of doing it.  And of course, it is soooo noble and good to be doing such amazing spiritual work and because you are so busy at it, you never ever have to think about your throne and your true design life.  Your children may hate being dragged along but with enough persistence, you can batter them into submission and they too will repeat the same cycle to their own children and everyone can say – GOD IS PLEASED WITH US and also, you can all keep waiting on the next life when things will DEFINITELY be better.

Well… you can keep waiting until someone complains a little too loudly and embarasses you or someone commits suicide, has an affair or does some other un-hide-able thing and then, the facade cracks a little but even that can be overcome in the underground.  All you need to do is look like the martyr long enough, garner enough sympathy and woohoo, you are given an even greater title than before and you can share your testimonial of how you overcame…

Overcame to where?

A deeper level of the underground is where.

You get further and further away from your throne but you do not even notice…


Except for the ever-growing emptiness inside of you.

The growing desperation inside of you.

But hey, the underground has a fix for that too – Eat more, drink more, do more religious stuff, maybe sleep around but keep it well-hidden, take a few relaxing drugs or maybe, you just do more and more spiritual rituals to cloak the horrid feelings inside.

Those horrid feelings are…

  • A lack of self-worth.
  • A lack of self-confidence.
  • A whole lot of fear and self-doubt.
  • A deep feeling of shame.
  • And probably, lots of anger and frustration at how your life is playing out.

These feelings are so normal to you.  They are just a part of the backdrop of your life and you make all your decisions from this foundation of unhelpful emotions.

You think your decisions are the only possible options available to you.

But they are not.

However, if anyone tries to tell you that there is another way, you would rather be right than happy so you fight them, tooth and nail, to prove that you have NO CHOICE but to stay stuck in a life that you do not love.

You ask questions like ‘HOW?’ but then when they give you a potential solution, you say you tried that before and it did not work for you.

Or you use the ‘wisdom’ of your past experience as a measuring stick for whether something can work for you or not, forgetting that if you KNEW how to get unstuck based on your history then you would already be unstuck.

You are sure that you know everything and that anyone who tries to tell you otherwise, is a tool of the Devil or a scammer or whatever phrasing you would use.

And so you stay in the underground.

And yet, the throne is available.

In the blink of an eye, you could be on your throne upstairs, looking down at the underground, asking the Divine, the angels or whoever your higher power is to help you clean out the underground as you stay focused on what you are creating.

You just need to say the word – You will immediately rise victorious above the noise and drama.

And then you need to keep deciding to stay on your throne.



That is it.

An impression I like to add to the mix is of a Divine Love Energy broom sweeping, sweeping, sweeping away all the noise and nonsense of the underground, while I remain firmly situated on my throne.

I sometimes forget and wander on downstairs – Maybe, I got scared about going bigger in some area of my life or maybe, some of my old beliefs are not quite swept out yet and so I wander down into the underground for a bit, absolutely convinced that I MUST go and sort something out…

But I have seen the throne, I have practised staying on it, I have felt the bliss of it, I have felt the deep intimate connection with the Divine, it is too jarring and yukky to go down into the underground and stay there.


I CHOOSE again and return to the throne.

And some days, I have to choose again 20 million times…literally.

As I said earlier, the underground is COMPELLING.

It feels so URGENT.

It feels so TRUE that you have no other choice but to keep trying to fix everything, sort everything and everyone out.

They all NEED you.

And of course, you yourself that it is the LOVING thing to do

And surely, God wants you to do the loving thing.

And staying on your throne just seems so selfish.

How can you just leave all those people to wallow in their self-created prisons?

You, of course, must go join them in one of your own!!!

And then, you can all be in prison together.

Working harder and harder to get nowhere.

Struggling with EVERYTHING and still not overcoming anything.

Begging and pleading with the Divine to come save the day and wondering where He/ She is.

I will tell you where.

Waiting for you ON THE THRONE!

Waiting for you to finally look up and see that you do have a choice over where you place your energy.

Waiting for you to realise that your focus is creating your life.

Waiting for you to be willing to lay down unhelpful ideas, dogma, beliefs, traditions, cultural norms, familial processes, even the ones that you think are too sacred to lay down.

Waiting for you to stop digging up wound after trauma after painful event, hoping that if you just clear enough of this stuff, you will finally be worthy of the throne.

The throne is yours.

It has always been

It does not matter how good or bad you have been.

It does not matter how distracted you have been.

When you finally DECIDE that you are done with being in the underground, you can instantaneously rise onto the throne.

Yes, there will be a period of inner discipline because the chances are that you will keep slipping off the throne and keep getting drawn back into the underground but each time, as long as you do not start telling sad stories of ‘I am who I am and I cannot change’, you can simply CHOOSE AGAIN to be on the throne.

And instantaneously, you are back there.

You are worthy of it now.

You deserve to be on the throne now.

You do not have to do ANYTHING first.

You are more able to focus on the desires of your heart when you are on the throne.

You stop giving your energy to the underground and therefore, it can no longer keep expanding.  It will be surprising to you how some ‘problems’ just fade away when you focus on your desires and visions and start moving towards them.

You see things more clearly on the throne.

You hear the Divine more clearly on the throne.  You do get to the point where you can hear the Divine from everywhere but to begin with, you need practise in recognising the voice of the Divine (call it intuition, if you will) and it is better done on the throne.

You become more and more aware that you are not alone and have never been.

You become more and more aware that you are safe and fully supported by the power that created everything so you never need fear anything because that power flows through YOU!

You realise that you are the authority in your own life.

You realise that you have always been.

You start to see that the Divine never held anything back from you but because you were so enamoured with the underground, there was no room for anything new to manifest in your life.

On the throne, you start taking full responsibility for what shows up in your life.

On the throne, you get access to wisdom that goes beyond your experience.

On the throne, you get access to limitless wealth as you truly realise that it is all simply to do with what you have allowed yourself to create.

On the throne, you feel so full of energy and vitality and your body starts to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

On the throne, you start to see opportunities for success that have always been around you but again, because of your focus, you could never see them.

And as you learn to stay on the throne, you suddenly come to the understanding that this is the simplest thing ever.

You realise that living in the underground was unnecessarily complicated, even though you once thought that you could never break through onto your throne.

And then as you keep remaining on your throne, you start expanding your territory and the underground gets smaller and smaller as you get into the habit of applying the Divine love energy broom that sweeps more and more of the noise and nonsense away.

The longer you stay on your throne, the more good stuff shows up.

You even get to the point where you truly believe that life can be easy and simple all the time, that growth does not always need to come with pain and suffering and sacrifice.

That surrender is a good thing because it just means you are surrendering to who you really are.

And you fully, truly realise that who you really are is discovered & Completely uncovered on your throne, not in the underground.

Each day, with practise, you get better at staying on the throne.

All you ever need to do is…

  • CONNECT & stay connected to the Divine
  • FOCUS on the completed vision using WRITE. SPEAK. SEE. FEEL
  • Calmly, Quickly sweep away anything that would distract you, no matter how ‘true’ and compelling it may seem, with the Divine love energy broom.  Picture it sweeping away the dross and dissolving stuff as it sweeps, sweeps, sweeps.

Will you, PLEASE, exit the underground?

There is so much more life awaiting you.

And before you go, FAITH is happening next week.

A 2 hour live online workshop: A Clear & Simple System To Build Powerful, Unrelenting Faith That Opens You Up To Prosperity In All Areas Of Life & Creates Predictable Miracles In Your Physical Reality. You Are Meant To Thrive & Prosper – Here’s How.

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They sense that things can change for them but then they get stuck on how to create the change in their own life.

I want to break it down into a clear, simple system just like it was always supposed to be.

Entering the kingdom is for the childlike, not those who think they are too wise to do anything simple.

If a child can not do it, then it is not a valid system for achieving prosperity in your life.

What I will teach you, is simple

It is clear.

Yes, I will seek to explain where you are complicating things so that you can move past the nonsense but the simple system that works every time and that I have been using since childhood, is CLEAR, just a few steps and we will even practise it together at the workshop.

As a bonus, you will also get a free digital copy of the brand new book I am currently writing and it will further reinforce the principles I am teaching at the workshop – The Deliberate Millionaire’s FAITH book – For Driven Spiritual People Who Are Determined To Open Up To Prosperity In Their Health, Wealth & Relationships.  The unedited chapters will start coming out to you day by day until the workshop begins and then, you will get the full edited book when complete.

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