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And now for the final excuse for not losing weight, though I am sure there are many more so who knows I may have to keep this series going.  Have a look at

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So have you ever used this excuse?

I have a poor metabolism, it is futile to try to lose weight 


Ok, so we all have that friend who never stops eating and is as thin as rake.  She has twenty children and yet she stills looks like she is a supermodel, her stomach springs back into position each time she gives birth and deep inside, we hate her but cannot quite admit it out loud.

The simple truth is the chances are our ‘supermodel’ friend is probably considerably more active than we are.  Maybe she nibbles a lot at healthy snacks that do not pile on the pounds.

Whatever it is, the truth still remains that we need to put in less calories and burn off more in order to lose weight.  Somehow, our friend has achieved a great balance between her input and output of calories.

Now I recognize that some will suffer with thyroid problems which will have an impact on your metabolism but even this can be overcome by being careful about the amount of calories we put in our body.

A friend of mine suffered from an underperforming thyroid gland.  She started a diet but could not see any difference after a few weeks.  While carrying on with the diet, she did some research on the internet to figure out if anyone else had suffered with the same concern.  She then implemented a little change in the diet and started losing weight.

Notice how she carried on moving forward and then changed direction when the results showed that what she was doing was just not working.  The only way she could find out was by carrying on with the diet and realising it did not work for people in her condition.  She then took the result from this to formulate another path for herself.  As I mentioned in Number 1 above, some people get analysis crazy leading to no actual work being done to move in the desired direction.

Do not be one of these people!  Make a choice and move in that direction quickly and assertively.  Change direction only when your original idea needs tweaking.  Test and Tweak, Teat and Tweak.

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  • Queenie says:

    The best solution to losing weight is diet and exercise. Though it may take some time to work it out, the result is stunning. The problem lies with the person. A person should have these 2 important traits:
    Discipline and Motivation.
    The urge and temptation must be moderated. Urge to eat foods that might generate gaining weight and the drive to not be lazy enough to do the exercise.

    • Nonny K says:

      Very very true, Discipline and motivation are the missing keys but I know from personal experience that it is sooo hard to remain motivated over the long haul. Thanks for your feedback!

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