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We are still considering the excuses for not losing weight.  I have haerd a few in my time as well as said a few!  It is so easy to tell ourselves that we cannot do something when really what we mean is we do not want to do something enough.  If we wanted it enough, we would put in the energy and achieve our goal whatever it was.

For some more of the regular excuses, Have a look at –

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Have you seen my mum lately?  I look just like her.  Maybe obesity is just in my genes, no point fighting fate!

Others have fought the so-called ‘fate’ and won.

There is therefore no reason why you cannot join these revered group of people. It really does depend on you.

Your belief determines what you can or cannot do.  Your belief determines how difficult or easy something feels to you.  You really are in control of your own fate.  Do not leave it to chance.

Just going with the flow of ‘fate’ inevitably leads to getting to a place you had no intention of reaching.  How long will you leave controlling your habits before you decide enough is enough?  How much harder will it be then though?

Remember, weight loss is simply a result of putting fewer calories in than you are using up each day.  For all the information out there, this is the simple truth of it, whatever your family characteristics.

Do not buy into the lie that being obese is genetic.  That is all it is – a lie.

The truth is that you can change your weight if you decide to do so.

You can live a healthy, stronger life.

I just would also like to add that these excuses do not just apply to weight loss.  They apply to any section of life.  You might have convinced yourself that you are not intellectual or clever because that is your perception of your gene pool.  Whatever you have made the reason you are held back, remove the blinders and realise the only thing in your way is you.

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