What are your excuses for not losing weight?  I have had so many, what of you?

If you are just joining us, why not start at the top – Part 1, Part 2.

On to the next excuse…

I am a mother, I have no time alone to do exercise

Now, being a mother myself, I know this can seem to be a very valid excuse for not losing the weight we really want to.  There are days when I get no time at all to my own devices so when would I fit in time to exercise?

I would love to go to the gym but when would I fit that in and if I do not go to the gym, what do I do with the children while exercising?  All valid thoughts and having young ones definitely reduces the opportunity to do exercise.  However, you must realise it is still just another excuse.

Strategies to overcome this excuse

        • Consider getting some Exercise DVDs or Blu rays that you can play at home in the privacy of your front room or bedroom.  Do your exercise that way if necessary. You may have to wake up a little earlier to do them if you want alone time or maybe the moment your children are in bed.  Think creatively, there is always a way to fit in thirty minutes.The advantage of this is of course that you can feel free in your own home.  No need to wear the trendiest sports outfits or to be conscious of your jelly belly (assuming you have one!), it is just you and your family and your TV.


        • Depending on the age of the children, you could involve them in as much exercise as you can.  Children love to do what their parents do, so use this to your advantage while teaching them how to remain healthy.If they run out of energy in the middle of your workout, convince them to sit and watch you or go off and play elsewhere.  It may take a few tries to convince them but if you are firm they finally get the message and either watch you, join in or go off and play.


        • Run around with your child – Again this depends on the age of the child but if they are in the preschool age range then they will be thrilled to have their mum playing a game such as ‘Tag’ with them.  You can run around after each other and do this for at least half an hour and you have fulfilled your daily minimum level of exercise.


        • Take them out for a walk in the park or around the block – It will help calm them down and you all get to exercise.  If you use a pushchair, then the weight ofpushing that will add an element of strength building to your exercise regime.  Just start at half an hour a day and see how it goes.


      • Take up cycling – You can get one of those [amazon_link id=”B001OC6CEG” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]carriers for children[/amazon_link] or maybe a [amazon_link id=”B0038EO3TY” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]child seat[/amazon_link].  This, of course, means you can go for a cycle quite easily whenever you want really.  I cannot see any child complaining about this!

So these are five tips for getting around this particular excuse.  If you think about it, I know you can find some more ways around it.  Remember, Gym Attendance is definitely not the only way.

Until the next one…

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