Now onto the second part of this series of Excuses for not losing Weight.

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This is the second excuse I have used or heard used in the quest for a healthier body.

I have tried and nothing seems to work therefore there is no point

So maybe you have managed to escape the first excuse and you even got as far as trying the cabbage soup diet.  However, you did not lose as much weight as you wanted to or you found the regime a bit too stringent for you.  You now decide randomly (at least so it seems to an outsider) that you just cannot do it.  You have tried and failed therefore it is a dead loss.  You have hit relapse and are considering seriously returning to precontemplation.

Now, I am glad you tried, however you just cannot give up at the first hurdle.  Nothing good comes too easy or else it will disappear again in a flash.  Please do not take this to mean that you must struggle for everything all the time in order for it to be worthwhile.  However, there will always be a time of labour in order to achieve the result that you want.  It may be long or it may be short.  How hard it is, however is usually defined by your mindset and your vision.

Are you aiming for a healthy lifestyle or are you aiming to lose a few pounds?  Depending on the answer to this question, there will be a difference in the way you approach the ‘labour’ in the middle.

If all you want is to lose a few pounds, then the journey will feel tough.  Your focus is wrong.

Aim instead for the healthy life, for more vitality, energy and youthfulness.  This will make sticking to your proposed diet change so much more bearable in the long term.  If you are struggling to remain on this particular diet plan then change it for another one.  No, I do not propose yo-yo diet-ing but if the choice is to quit rather than stay on this hard diet then I would rather see you try a different one then stop altogether.
Always remember that weight loss itself is simple, but the various ways we face it can be complicated.  Find a plan that works for you!  For me, it was Slimming World and WeightWatchers.  It may be different for you.
Another excuse for not losing weight debunked!

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