We all know that losing weight is simply

  • a matter of eating the right foods in the right amounts
  • exercising regularly.

However, we also know it is not that simple.  If it were, then no one would be overweight or even reading this post.  So what are the most common excuses for not losing weight?  Which ones do you use?  Here is a list of the ones I have heard and used at some point in my life.  We will go through them one at a time so stick around and subscribe to the feed.

I will start tomorrow or at some other future time as soon as I know exactly how I am going to do this

We read the books, we research our subject thoroughly and we decide what we should do but then we delay the start for as long as possible instead of just getting on with it.  There is an abundance of information in the world on the subject of weight loss and it can definitely get confusing as well as cause an element of ‘analysis paralysis’.


We read about the cabbage soup diet, and think that could be the one until we read a little comment elsewhere stating that such rapid diets should not be undertaken so we cry off because it is not safe.  We then hear of the South Beach diet and that sounds amazing as well. Then we hear about some other diet and then we hear about weight watchers and then…


All the time, we are not doing anything to actually help ourselves right now because we are certain that when we learn a certain amount, it will all happen easily.


Guess what?


It is never going to be easy and we will never know everything we need to know about losing weight.  All we do by researching and reading and talking is realise that there is so much else that we did not know that we did not know so we end up researching more and more and more.

It is easier to redirect a moving object than it is to get it started in the first place.  Just start something and then tweak as you go.

This method also gives you a realistic picture of what needs to be done rather than just guessing based on other people’s experience not yours.

Surely it is time to get rid of this excuse for not losing weight and just get on with it.

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