Yes, you will walk alone a lot of the time, if you choose to live out the vision in your heart.

Many will not see how it is even possible for you to think that you can do that

Many will try to love you back to the normal, average life – for your own good, of course.

Many will ridicule you for thinking that you can have ALL that.  They will consider you proud and selfish as you refuse to be distracted by the same things that they allow themselves to be distracted by.

Many will pity you for being so deluded.  You will see the sympathy in their eyes as they wonder how long you will keep doing this thing that you do.


It takes deep self-confidence to stay on the path of excellence.

It takes unshakeable self-belief to keep your mind and heart focused on the goal you have decided upon.

There will be many distractions.

People letting you down

People wanting your support as they navigate their dramas and expect you to come help them

Economies and governments changing

Some days, you will feel energized and other days, you will feel drained.

Some days, the voice in your head is so critical, you just cannot see clear

There will ALWAYS be a reason not to do something towards the vision.

And yet, you cannot be like the average person, if you are truly committed to the win


Some days (A lot of days), there will be NO ONE you can talk to because you KNOW it will worry them or they will try to dissuade you because they just don’t get it.

A lot of the time, you have to be so wary of the advice well-meaning people try to give you because though it may sound reasonable and logical, you KNOW that ‘reasonable’ & ‘logical’ never created something amazing.

Sometimes, you will almost wish you could just be like other people and just allow yourself to relax, rest, follow the rules etc and then you remember how horrid that felt and you realise you are just not that person anymore.

You have caught a glimpse of freedom and there is just no going back.


And yet, you are never alone.

The Divine & You are unstoppable.

You can choose to stop limiting the people you hang around and actively, open yourself up to like-minded peeps who are also probably feeling a little isolated by the hugeness of their desires.

This is one reason that I created the DM Path to PEace & Plenty – It is for DRIVEN spiritual people who KNOW they are meant for more but feel a little stifled by self-doubt and a lack of self trust.

Come join in by getting a copy of the book at

Come learn the simple strategies of building that self-confidence

And when you are ready, come deeper into the pathway and be encouraged by fellow driven types.

Come be supported and be a support to those who strive for excellence.

Come now to



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