I got to thinking about the community with the Divine, recently.

I was asking how to serve more effectively, how to support people in reclaiming the prosperous life they desire, how to see more of the 334000 taking back their thrones and territories so that we can all live more meaningful, wealthy lives.  (I really do believe that the world needs more spirit-led people at its helm, if things are to expand for everyone. Unfortunately, most spiritual people are busy waiting for the next life where things will mysteriously be ‘better’)

Anyway, the Divine directed me to take a little step back and understand why people did not take the action to claim what was theirs.

And it came down to confidence.


Without the confidence that peeps can create the life they want, they will not even try.

The Divine led me to look at my life and the real reason why I keep going towards my vision, even in those times when it felt like ‘what the heck is the point?’

And it came down to the baseline confidence that I could.

This baseline confidence in the Divine to support me

This baseline confidence that I was worthy of it and capable of it.

The baseline confidence that I could always recover even if I made horrid mistakes

The baseline confidence that the world was a friendly place. (Despite lots of evidence to the contrary, if I choose to focus there)

The baseline confidence that money and time exist to support me.

The baseline confidence that I am supposed to be enjoying this journey and experiencing life in all its fullness. (Coming from a very religious background, this one took some time to develop – I had thought, like many religious souls, that I was here to prove myself worthy of paradise in the next life and that I had to suffer through this life in hopes of joining the angelic choir, that sung eternal songs of praise to a very needy deity who could not survive without my praises and would just send me to hell for all eternity, if I ever dared to question any of that)

Yes, there was a lot of fear and self-doubt – there still can be.

But beneath that, I had just enough confidence to keep taking the next step, despite horrid life events, 4 years of depression, massive debt and bankruptcy taking my confidence to almost nothing.  I had to rebuild it with the help of the Divine and some mentors/coaches who many would consider expensive but can I put a price on my vision?? NOPE!

Everything takes a certain amount of confidence.

Without it, people stay trapped in a life well beneath their potential because at least, it is ‘ok’.

Without that baseline confidence in themselves and the Divine, people force themselves to settle.

They tell themselves it is logical and reasonable.  They ignore the feeling of low-level sadness that is permanently in place within them.

They tell themselves that everyone is out to scam them and so, of course, they have to take precautionary measures which involve just sitting there, hoping, waiting, begging and pleading with the heavens.

They see opportunities to change but they think that only OTHER PEOPLE can get it and so they themselves, must simply stay stuck in their current life.  Or they tell themselves that when they have more money or time, THEN they will do it.

They also tell themselves that they have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked for them and there is no reason to believe that this thing will work for them either.

They shut down their intuitive nudges and try to reason their way through everything.  And yes, I know that sounds ‘reasonable’ but it is sooooo limiting.  You do not know everything.  You cannot see the big picture.  You will never, in this human form, be able to see the big picture. You Need to tap into Divine guidance (intuition) and TRUST IT enough to act upon it, if you are ever to experience true, meaningful wealth and success in all areas of life.

They have so many stories and excuses for everything, they have many people to blame for their lot in life but it all comes down to a lack of confidence in themselves and in their ability to make anything work.

And this can happen with very successful-looking people.  After all, at my lowest confidence point, I was a pharmacist.  Viewed by the world as successful, but I knew I was not living at all to the fullness of my potential.  There were so many choices to expand that I simply ignored or refused to do, with very plausible sounding reasons but it came down to ‘That stuff works for other people but not for me’.

Of course, it was also my parent’s fault, the church’s fault, the recession’s fault, except I could not keep that one going. I knew too much.

Honey, are you done yet?

It really took me hitting that point of ‘ENOUGH! this is not who I am!!!!’

It took me looking into the eyes of my 3 princesses and seeing the weak-ass life I was setting out for them as an example…

It took me pulling my head out of my awesome butt and getting on path, even though I had no idea how any of it would work, I just finally knew that if anything was going to change, I would have to be the one to change it.

And guess what, I COULD!

Are you at that point yet?

Or you are still hoping that things will somehow change with no input from you?

Are you still thinking that simply because time passes by and you get older, then everything will somehow correct itself and you will just wake up in a great life, one blessed day?


You have the power.

You have all the choices.

The universe waits with baited breath for you to finally say YES to YOU!

You are meant for more. You are meant to thrive.  YOU ARE MEANT TO PROSPER IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE.


Are you ready to claim it?

If so, the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY is EXACTLY what you need.

As you deliberately take part in the bootcamps (10 minutes a day) and programs (20 minutes a day), it will chip away at all that self doubt, support you in rebuilding your confidence and open your eyes to the opportunities for increased wealth and success in your current existence that you are just not seeing at the moment because of where your mind is at.

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And for goodness’ sake, do the simple things consistently.  You will be in a completely different place in a year and it would have happened a lot more smoothly than you thought and why?

Because your inner world will be in a different place, which will lead to you doing things differently without even realising it, until you take stock.

Don’t dither.

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Much Amazing Love

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