Give up the subservience.

Give up the thinking that you are some worm of the earth, being used for things you have no idea about.

Partner with the Divine.

See yourself as creator.

It is all happening through you and FOR you.

You have a say.

Your opinion matters.

Your desires matter.

YOU MATTER a great deal to how the world plays out.

Ask for what you want and powerfully start taking action towards it.

Stop looking to see what you need to react to next.



You sense that you are much more powerful than you have been conditioned to believe.

You have thought that it is pride to admit to the power you felt within you.

Please stop playing small trying to appease the people around you and the deity they told you about.

Instead go straight to Source.

Ask boldly who you are.

Ask BOLDLY for everything you desire.

And BOLDLY follow through on the insights and wisdom you receive.

You are awakening.

And before you go, Can I ask you a few questions, please?
? Do you want more meaning and fulfilment in your life?

?Do you feel off-course and off-track in life, even though you have attained a certain level of success?

?Do you long for a deeper connection to Source (God, the Divine, your Higher Power/Self)?

? Do you feel overwhelmed and sometimes very anxious about life and where you are at, even though others look at you and think you have it made?

? Do you deeply desire the winning combination of a richer spiritual life while also growing in prosperity in every area of life?

?Are you willing to LISTEN, just LISTEN for 30 days to immersion audio/video trainings that will reprogram your mind for increased prosperity and success?

Then I invite you to THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Much Amazing Love

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