You tell yourself that you do not know what to say…

You tell yourself that you do not have enough content

But everything in your head is an idea

An idea that could change a life or a lot of lives but you do not trust yourself

You do not think that that is enough

You do not think that you are worthy enough to empower others with just the thoughts in your head

And so you hold back

You go look to see what others are up to

You waste time

Time that could have been used to grow your business becomes time spent lurking on social media feeds, looking for inspiration, discarding all the ideas that the Divine tries to put before you.


Value yourself enough to realise that you do contain incredible wisdom

Value yourself enough to know that you are the light of the world

And you simply need to shine boldly with whatever comes from within you

You do not need to go scratching around

You do not need to copy anyone else

Just listen in

Listen to the ideas that are flowing within you



Do not second guess them

I know what it is like to doubt yourself – This is even a reminder to myself to keep listening within

We have all been soooooo conditioned to believe that everyone out there is more of an authority than we are

This business growth journey as a spirit-driven soul is really a reminder to return to yourself

If you are to build a business that feels really good to you and makes you lots of money, remember who you are

Begin to trust you again.

Yes, build a solid foundation into your business

Get that mailing list sorted out

Automate as much of your business as possible so that you create space for you to be silent and listen to the ideas bubbling up within

Again, trust what you hear.

Deliver it to the world and invite them to buy from you




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Much Amazing Love

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