It is tempting to think that you can make one area of your life work and forget about the rest.  A lot of us do it.  When I am not careful, I find myself doing it.

My money gets better, but my health suffers.

My business grows but my relationships with my immediate loved ones takes a dive.

And it is tempting to live this way because you start to feel that you cannot keep everything going so you accept it as fact that something must suffer.

But is that the truth?

It is one of the huge reasons that people choose to remain in poverty and lack because they think that to pursue financial success means that they must give up every other area and the media, the movies, everything will have you believe that… if you let it.

And to me, that is such a waste of time and purpose.

Because you are afriad that you will not be able to hold it all together, you think you must therefore give up everything and then create a theology around it as well.  I find that incredibly frustrating when people choose to hold that view.

Of course, it is okay if that is what you really want but if it is because you think it is all you can get then frankly, I think that is a cop-out!

Anyway, before I get carried away, the point I want to bring to your attention is that there is no partitioning of life.  There is even no partitioning of business.  Everything counts.

Your business affects your life and vice versa.

There has been a culture of demarcation and that is coming to an end as privacy begins to diminish and people start to see that we are all one.  I know that is huge thinking for some still but it has always een the case though we have tried to pretend that it is not so.

If you truly want to experience success, then choose to see your health, relationships, recreation, spirituality, business/work as one continuum rather than little boxes – Some you excel at and others you don’t.

Choose to be a whole human being.

Let that come across in your business as well – Be someone who is congruent in all areas or at the very least aspire to that.  We are all on a journey of remembering who we are so start by remembering that everything affects everything.

“The happiness of most people we know is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructive little things”

Ernest Dimnet

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