Everyone wants the harvest.

Everyone wants the prize.

Everyone wants to live in freedom, financially and otherwise

Hardly anyone is willing to plant the seed and water it consistently, UNTIL IT GERMINATES.

If it takes more than a few days, months, years, they are done, they are out, they are telling themselves stories of how they have tried everything and nothing works for them.

They are telling themselves and anyone else who will listen about how anyone who did get the harvest must have had advantages that they themselves did not have.

They are telling themselves stories about how everyone else that did get the harvest, must have lied, cheated or stolen to get there.

And they truly believe it.

For they tell themselves that NO ONE can possibly be expected to go through the dark emotional turmoil that is an inevitable part of building a vision.

It feels soooo hard.

It feels impossible

And there are so many logical reasons why NO ONE should ever stay the course.

For goodness’ sake, there are easier ways to live life.

One of the easiest ways is simply to give up your vision and settle for an average existence, while telling yourself that this is what you wanted all along.

While smiling condescendingly at all those ‘young ones’ who are still so excitable and enthusiastic about life – You might even try to bring them down a peg or two so that they become as jaded about life as you are.

While drowning yourself in distractions & telling yourself that you have your priorities right, not like ‘those’ unspiritual people who just want money and accolades instead of being content with life as it is.

Honey, you will be tempted to go this ‘easy’ path.

DON’T, my love.  Just DON’T!

Everyone wants the harvest

Be the one who plants the seed and stays the course, watering the seed, tending to the seed, doing all you know to do each day, every day until it germinates, grows and delivers the harvest.

You are not alone in this – You and the Divine are unstoppable.  And let’s be honest, if you truly trusted this, then there would be no fear.  However, perfect faith/trust is not a prerequisite for simply continuing to show up for the prosperous life you desire.

You just keep showing up.

Day by day, you keep showing up.

You keep taking the next step, no matter what the physical reality looks like.

You KNOW the seed is planted and it is doing what it does, even before it germinates out of the darkness of the soil.

You know it is inevitable that it must germinate at some point and so, you keep showing up.

You are the one who gets the harvest, my love.


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Much Amazing Love


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