We have all watched those movies…

The real tearjerkers

Right now, I have Hercules (Disney Version) in mind – Possibly not everyone’s cup of tea but hey ho, I am the one writing ?

The song “I will go the distance’ is playing through my mind – I think Michael Bolton does the real world version

And it is all about him becoming the hero and going the distance and it makes my heart swell to remember how this gangly young person who feels out of place everywhere because he is part God, part man but sees himself as inferior – Oh how reminiscent of the human condition!


And he does win in the end

After many trials and tribulations

And an uncle who wants to kill him off to spite his dad

And so on.

I am sure you may have a movie of similar ilk – ‘Rocky’ comes to mind and ‘Joy’ and ‘the pursuit of happiness’ and many, many others

We hear of real humans like Jim Carrey and Oprah and how they overcame incredible challenge to get to where they are

We all love the hero that goes through many, many challenges and then goes on to WIN against all the odds

We can see it so clearly when we look at other people’s lives

It gets hard

It feels hopeless

They think all hope is LITERALLY LOST

They feel stupid for even trying to do this thing they dream of

Everyone tells them to back off

To quit

To stop

It is impossible, is what they are told from every side

They feel like they are letting down their family

They feel like they are literally taking food out of their kid’s mouths to feed the vision

Their partner might leave them

Even their parents are in deep despair over this lost child of theirs…

And yet they KEEP ON GOING!


We all love watching that.

It is heartwarming and we leave the movie with a warm glow of possibility and we are reminded of the power of a human being on mission.

And then we open our eyes to our life

Our particular ‘hard’

And we somehow forget that it will seem really dark before the win

We somehow forget that it will literally seem impossible before the win

We somehow forget that we are not the only one to go through this kind of challenge

We become convinced that ‘NOBODY KNOWS THE TROUBLE I SEE’

We become convinced that our particular version of ‘hard’ is the ‘HARDEST’ ever

No one ever had to handle the mindset issues we face – oh no, of course not

No one ever had to overcome the background we came from – oh no, of course not!

No one EVER had to face the fact that no one wants to buy into their dream – oh no, of course not

No one ever had children to feed while trying to build a dream that just does not seem to want to work – oh no, of course not

No one has ever gone through this dark depression and anxiety and had to scramble past it – oh no, of course not

We somehow convince ourselves that we are unique.

And completely different from everyone else that has ever done anything great

And unfortunately that causes most to quit just before the breakthrough.

YOU ARE NOT ‘MOST’, are you?

Because honey, you are not that different

Yes, how the challenge presents may seem different but it is not harder than anyone else’s ‘hard’

If they can overcome, SO CAN YOU!

That vision you carry within you, IS YOUR PERMISSION and also, your evidence that you are EXACTLY the person to bring it to life.

So, will you please stay on course?!

The world awaits your FULL AWAKENING!

It is time to make your dent on the world by living to your true design!

Not some settled for, ‘You caved’ version of life


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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