Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, thinks that their reason for not doing what they claim to want to do, is legitimate.

Their reason ALWAYS feels so real.


And they will defend it to the death, if you try to point out that they are simply stalling.

“I just need to get clearer”

“I just need to find the money to_____”

“When I have finished helping my mother do this thing THEN I will be able to______”

“I need to make sure my partner is on board before I ________”

When I have healed that deep inner child wound, then I will _____________”

Honey, ANY reason you give for not making a start at doing whatever you want to do, RIGHT NOW, is silly.

It probably means that in a year’s time, you will still be sitting on the fence, waiting, wondering where life has gone, trying to get clearer, trying to be sure and so on.

AND IT FEELS SO REAL but I have heard it all before – From myself and from my clients.

You probably even get angry with me for telling you that you are simply making up excuses not to get on with it.

You will tell yourself that Rosemary just does not understand your particular plight in life.

Or that Rosemary thinks that her way is the only way.

And I simply smile and refocus on my journey. I did what you are doing so now, I see through it but hey, I would not have been told either.

I guess we all have to learn the hard way.

And actually, most people never learn.

They get to their dying bed and regret that they just never made a start.

Suddenly, in a flash of clarity, they realise that they could have JUST DONE IT, whatever IT is.

But no, it had to be perfect first.

They then realise that perfection is figured out ON THE WAY.

NEVER by sitting around, thinking about how to make things perfect.

But for most people, it is too late.

They die with their music still in them.

I hope you are not ‘most’.

But we will see.

I am looking for spiritual people who KNOW they are born for rich and renown.

I am looking for those who recognise that they DON’T KNOW everything and they certainly do not always see when they are getting in their own way.

I am looking for those humble enough to get support with their mindset and their connection with the Divine because they realise that the lack of these 2 things is the BIGGEST barrier they have.

If that resonates with you, then join the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY now.

Start your 30 day immersion and begin to change your mind and deepen your connection with the Divine.


Anyone can do that.

Most won’t.

Again, do not be ‘MOST’!

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Much Amazing Love

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