Everyone needs a man with a plan

a man with a plan

Today, I find myself feeling somewhat overwhelmed.


Overwhelmed as I broach a ‘not so new’ area of my life but new enough that it is giving me the overwhelmed shakes.


It is the ‘how do I eat healthy?’ arena.


I am not the greatest eat-er at all. I am pretty limited in what I like to eat and unfortunately, chocolate plays too huge a part in my diet. And yes, I love all my carbohydrates and NO, I do not love my vegetables…


And since getting ill 2 weeks ago and then going over to Bali and spending time with two super fit, successful business women, I have become even more aware that it is one thing to talk about all-round success and quite another to actually live it out.


And I do need to live it out in all areas because I do feel called to a purpose and this body has got to get me there so I do need to pay more attention to the signals it gives me.


The question is ‘HOW?’


There are so many different ideas out there about what to do and what not to do. There are many weird diets and regular diets and ultimately, it starts to feel a little too much.


I don’t care to lose lots of weight, I just want to give my body all that it needs to thrive not just get by. Our bodies are definitely miracles – The hardship they undergo as we batter them with crazy foods all the time, it is a mystery that more of us are not sick!


So, what to do, what to do?


I think I am going to have to find a person…


A person who knows what to do who can just tell me what to do…


Because I do not need to be an expert in everything.


I am great at what I do and that is more than enough for me. For now, I need to figure out how to find a person who is good at what they do when it comes to the health of the human body.


All this to talk about you and your business and wealth creation and all of that stuff – Do you have a person or are you allowing overwhelm mean that you take no action at all?


I hear of people being stuck in overwhelm and I almost forget what that is like because it has been a while since I ever tried to figure everything out on my own.


But today, I remembered again what it feels like when you just don’t know what to do next.


You read a little bit of one person’s writing and you get one idea…


Then you read a little bit of someone else’s writings and they have a different idea.


And all you are left with is a feeling of “WHAT?! Which one do I follow?!”

It all seems too hard to figure out.


And when the mind gets confused, the mind just shuts down and does nothing, which is why lots of people get trapped in overwhelm.


What I need is a ‘man’ with a plan? (Or maybe even a woman!) And I am going to get one.


If you want to create wealth with your ideas or in your business? Then you need a plan too.


Take a look at the 49 Day Business Hero Bootcamp, it might just be what you need.



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