One of the biggest transformations for me, was the realisation that…


Everyone was created in the image and likeness of the Divine.

Everyone could take care of themselves.

I did not have to carry the world.

They may choose not to believe in their own power but I did not have to confirm their weakness by taking on their stuff.

I could choose to see them as their true selves.

And I did not need to force them to see things my way.

They had the freedom to choose to be weak or strong.

It was not my responsibility.

I no longer needed to feel guilty if I said ‘NO’.

I no longer needed to hold myself back from doing all I wanted to do with my time, money and life.


There is so much freedom in that statement, if you will hear it, my love.

You have been putting your vision of life on the ‘I will do my own thing later’ shelf for too long as you carry so many people’s weights on your shoulders.

As you say ‘YES’ when you really need to say ‘NO’.

As you feel guilty for saying ‘NO’ when you finally allow yourself to say it.

Have you had this revelation yet or are you still telling yourself to put your life on hold for this and that person?

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This is for you if the above resonated with you and you are still struggling to make the break because of a feeling of guilt or thinking that it is selfish to say ‘NO’ or whatever, whatever, whatever.

You can be free, my love.

If you will choose to be.

You already feel a sense that something is wrong with your relationships.

Honey, it is time to break free.

Come, let’s do some healing work and also, learn strategies for empowering boundaries.

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Much Amazing Love

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