There are plenty of opinions

Everyone and their dog usually has their own thoughts on how things should be done in business and in life

Most people even have opinions on how to do things they have NEVER done before

they have a right to those opinions

They can think and talk and opinion-ate forever

It is their God-given right to express themselves freely

And I guess you can listen to all of them and keep trying to twist and turn yourself to accommodate all of them

And I can assure you that you will never reach 6 figures in business that way

You will never reach fulfilment that way

You will end up hating life actually and you will wonder why you are ticking all the boxes, doing EVERYTHING right like a good little student and STILL, business, life is not working for you.


Who on earth are you listening to?

And the crazy thing is that you would not even admit to doing it.  You would say you don’t care what people think of you and blah, blah, blah but actually, you are allowing the whims and concerns of any old person to affect how you show up, how you think about yourself and what you allow yourself to do.

Your need to be admired and liked is sometimes so subtle that YOU yourself miss it.

You hold back from selling powerfully every day because you are scared of being considered pushy and unspiritual and ‘just about the money’

You hold back from doing the business you would really like to do because people might think it is silly compared to your unfulfilling but supposedly prestigious career

You hold back from creating content, video or text, because you are scared that people will think you have nothing valid to say and you are scared of whether you look good on camera or not or if you sound professional enough for all the random people out there that are obviously sitting around waiting to insult you (unfortunately, some people are so jobless, they might actually do that)

You hold back from emailing the people on your list as frequently as you would like to because you are scared that they will not like you and…oh my goodness… they might unsubscribe

You try to blend in, follow the rules, do what the gurus tell you to do… and for what????

IS IT WORKING to get you what you want?

And you do this in your everyday life too.  You keep following the rules that others set for you in your spirituality/religion, in your family relationships, your friendships, EVERYTHING

And I am not saying that all opinions are rubbish but you seem to have stopped thinking for yourself

You just keep going along to get along

And even when you rebel, there is a tameness to your rebellion – You are rebelling to seem different, to seem like you are not like ‘them’, to annoy ‘them’

When actually, you just need to BE YOURSELF

When last did you take the time to really figure out who you are?

To figure out what you really want?

How you want to show up in the marketplace?

How you want to make your mark on this planet?

Yes, I know you want a 6 figure business and a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life but what does that actually look like to you?

And are you willing to BE the person who gets it, even if it goes against the plan all your loved ones have for you?

Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion.

I would even fight to the death for that freedom for everyone

But you do not have to listen to any of it.

You need to figure your own awesome self out and BE, DO THAT!

However it looks

Let those who like it stick around you and those that don’t, get to choose whether they are willing to put up with who you actually are or not.


Wake the heck up

and get to work being YOU!

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