Every time I send an email, someone leaves my list

Every time I send an email, someone leaves my listYes, I know that feeling. That fear inside you that no one, actually NO ONE on the planet wants to hear from you.

They don’t care what you have to say and you start to doubt the value of what you have on offer.

So you don’t send any emails at all!

How crazy!

This is the thing…

So the heck what?

So what if they go?

Do you think that they were going to buy anything from you anyway?

Do you think that they are your people anyway?

No, they are not and I understand that you may not know it right now because all you can think of is that no one is buying your stuff at the moment and you just want someone, anyone to invest in it.

But then how does not selling anything help you with that?

For a very long time, I played that game where you keep adding people to your list. You have done what the gurus say to do in terms of getting an opt-in together and people like what you have to offer and they opt in for your free gift.

But then somehow the next step suffers because you are too scared to actually sell them anything.

You are too scared to even send them an email – and honey, there is no money being made if you are not following through on the whole email marketing thing. Your stuff, as excellent as it is, will not sell itself. You have to actually sell something. You have to actually send out those emails.

And I get it again… you sent one a few weeks ago and the number of unsubscribes unsettled you so now you are loath to repeat that experience again until you are sure you know what you are doing.

Except how are you going to learn what to do if you do not just get on and do it?

How is anything going to change unless you actually test something out, tweak it and slowly but surely, improve things.

And what if, there will always be people unsubscribing because frankly, they were only ever there to get the free stuff and the moment you actually try to sell something to them, they are going to go running for the hills because that is what they always intended to do.

Are you really going to cater just to that market?

The freebie-seekers who give you their ill-considered opinions but never intended to stick around anyway?

To build a solid business, you want to find your true fans, the ones that really get you, the ones who know that what you have to offer has value and are therefore willing to invest their time in consuming your content and then invest their money in working with you.

And the only way to find those true fans is to polarize people.

It is to fully own your greatness and accept that some people are just not going to get it.

So what?

You don’t want those people – you might think you do but you really don’t. If they did by some mysterious chance buy something from you or choose to work with you, they would be the bane of your life and they would probably be the refund seekers as well.

Who needs that?

Let those people go, you own your greatness and recognize you are not supposed to serve every single person on the planet, you have a specific calling to a specific set of people and your goal is to find those people and supply their needs.

Are you ready?

OK then, lets get to work.

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.

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