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Some days, it feels like you don’t care about your business anymore.

You have put yourself out in the world over and over again or so it seems, and the result you are getting feels too little for the effort…

And then you start to wonder why you are bothering…

You wonder if there is any point to what you are doing…

You get a little emotional when you think of it because it does feel like you are shedding blood and tears to serve people, to make money, to make a difference and still…


What is an entrepreneur to do?

This is what you cannot do!

You cannot quit.

You cannot stop!

You cannot give up!

You must keep moving forward!


Because the truth is, your breakthrough will come but it will test you first. Your success is on the way to you but you must stay on the path.
Your triumph is coming! You must keep moving forward.

After all, who promised you ease? I know there are a lot of people selling you the easy path but the easy path is the one that most people follow. It is the wide road to dissatisfaction, despair and failure.

The narrow road, the one you are on, is not for everyone but I think you have the energy to stay on it.

There are not that many people on this path. Most people quit because the internal tension is hard to get through. It takes a very strong person to stay on course and you can be that person – You just need to keep moving forward, one step at a time.
You must remain committed to the process, not the result.

This is YOUR dream you are creating and though the potential is within you to create it, YOU have to actually consistently do the work to make it happen.

Yes, I get that it feels tough. No successful business owner ever got to triumphant success without an element of emotional tension as they wondered if the dreams in their heart would ever actually happen…

But somehow they kept the faith.

And you can too.

The test you are having right now is tough, I know. Yet, the person you are becoming as a result is so worth it. No one will ever be able to take this away from you. This triumph will be yours forever, to recreate as many times as you like and it will be easier the next time.

So, stay on course, friend!

Your breakthrough is on the way!

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