Empty yourself of the old ideas that tie you in knots

Empty yourself of the old ways that keep you in chains

Empty yourself of the dogma that binds you up


Be willing to start afresh

Be willing to explore new ways of doing things

Be willing to start at ground zero to build new foundations


Respond to the call in your heart to be different

Respond to the whisper within that there is more

Respond to the call of the kingdom

It is your day to experience all that you deeply desire

If you will create a vacuum for the new to come live within you


Let those who sit on the sidelines talk

Let them think what they will

You know what your heart longs for

You know what your eyes want to see in this lifetime

And you cannot do it while you try to remain amongst the crowds of people who refuse to respond to the call within


Yes, they will think you are somewhat loopy

They will not understand why you cannot just be like everyone else

But you know that you crave freedom

You know that you crave fulfilment

And you tried to do it their way and it has not resulted in what was promised

You feel emptier than ever

So, will you…


Will you break loose of the chains that bind you to a life that is unsatisfactory?

Will you allow yourself the freedom of discovering your true design?

Will you question ideas that you used to consider gospel truth?

The vision was not placed within you to taunt you

It is a vision you can bring into physical reality

If you will empty yourself of the old

If you will remember your own power

If you will stop waiting to be rescued and…


Everyone’s journey is different

No two people will go the exact same path

Yes, you can learn some foundational things

But you must learn to trust that you do know what is best for you

You must learnt to trust the intuitive nudge within

And also to trust the Divine to come to your aid when you ask for assistance

But yes, you must ask…

As you do have free will

And it will never be trampled on

So, the only question that remains is….


The journey may not always feel easy

It may feel like you are wandering around in the darkness

And yet, if you will keep your eyes on the vision

And realise deep within yourself that you are safe, fully supported and everything is working out for your good

Then step by step

Day by day

You will keep stepping

And one day, you will look up and see that what was once so shrouded in uncertainty is now clear as day

The vision is here

It always was

The journey was to clean you so you could open up to it and allow it

And you did it


This journey is not one to be taken alone

Yes, you can

And of course, there are certain things that no one can do for you

But still, you can surround yourself with those who understand the transition you are experiencing


Immerse yourself for 90 days in new thoughts, new ideas, newness.

Allow yourself to rise victorious as you change how you show up in the world.


Much Amazing Love

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