“All of the law can be summarized in one grand statement: “Demonstrate love to your neighbor, even as you care for and love yourself.””

From The Bible

Wow! Imagine a world where we ALL just loved each other

Imagine a world where we all LOVED AND CARED FOR OURSELVES

I believe it is a world that the Spirit-Driven can create

In fact, it is what we are called to create

And yes, it starts with you loving yourself enough to no longer remain in life situations that do not feel awesome

No longer wasting so much of your energy trying to sustain a life you do not even really want

Instead choosing to rediscover your true design and making a commitment to deliberately design a prosperous life that is based on it.

Because surely, you can see that you cannot love anyone else when your energy is all tied up in trying to be what you are not!

It is not loving and caring for yourself when you continually tell yourself that you have to stay stuck in jobs, businesses, careers, relationships, whatever that does not feel good.

It is not loving and caring to the world when you do that either because there is no mistake about what you are here to do and you deny the world the awesomeness of your true service when you shy away from it.

You tell yourself about responsibilities and bills and debts and promises made and so on…

But that is just an excuse not to truly love yourself

And if you choose not to love yourself, how on earth can you be love on this planet?

You are way too concerned with just about getting by, to have any energy to give to anything else

Though you do try…

But it ends up being even more of a drain because you then try to get the love you are not giving yourself from the people you feel called to serve and that does not work, either…

It becomes more about manipulation and co-dependency, than love

Though you are not aware of it.

Emotional manipulation and co-dependency are the only demonstration of love that most of us have ever seen and so we just keep propagating the same nonsense…

Instead of choosing to dive deep into self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love

And as we do that, we realise our oneness with Source and all our needs are met from that connection

Which means we can show up in the world as love, knowing that we are loved completely and utterly

I call you, as a spirit-driven person, to stop avoiding the inner and the outer work that must be faced into

Let us take the lead on loving and caring for ourselves

And also, loving and caring for our neighbour

Let us become the shiny bright lights we are called to be

And start pointing the rest of the world a different way

AWAKEN, dear one

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Much Amazing Love

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