What type of emails do you need in your email campaign to make sales each and every day?

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Email marketing Campaign, make sales every day

How many times can I harp on about the fact that email marketing is a great way to get people to see what you are up to? You need a mailing list, an audience of people who love what you are about and love to hear from you and also love to put money down and get what you have on offer.

In order to do this, you need emails.

Emails that connect with your people.

Emails that make them feel heard.

Emails that tell them what you have on offer.

Emails that work whether you are there or not.

Do you have those emails? Or are you still uncertain about what you are up to? Can I ask yo to stop over thinking things and just put something on your auto-responder service and then you will get better feedback than waiting and waiting to be perfect at doing things.

OK, enough telling you off 😀

Lets’ talk about what emails to put out in the world and I will start at the beginning.

1. You need an auto-responder service 

I use Aweber and GetResponse. You do not need to use both. In fact, if I were you, I would just start with aweber as it is really straightforward and they are always improving things to make it even more user friendly – if occasionally confusing when you realise something has changed, but they always have tutorials to help you along.

The idea of this service is that you can put together your great emails (or so-so ones until you get better at this!) and set them up to be sent out automatically, hence the name auto-responder – It automatically responds on your behalf. So, every single person you get onto your mailing list gets brainwashed into understanding who you are and what your business is about by going through the same series of emails.

It just makes your life simple if you do not have to respond individually to everyone unless they decide to get in contact with you personally by hitting reply.

2. Authority Building emails

The thing about someone joining your list, you may not know how much exposure they have had to you before they chose to join your list. There is a difference between someone who has read a kindle eBook of yours and hung around your Facebook page for some time and then chosen to join your list…

And someone who has just come across your Facebook advert and jumped straight onto your mailing list. The one person is really enamoured with you while the second person is just looking for a freebie and potential answer to their burning issue – the second person doesn’t know much about you yet.

So, one way to equalize everyone in your world is to have authority-building emails. If you join my email list, you will be taken through a high value 7 day course so you learn how to grow your business and your life but also, if you make it through the email course then you are a lot more qualified to be on my list. You have listened to me for 7 days and either you hate me or you like me so you drop off or you stick around and I am cool with either and I feel a lot better at the end of that period to ask you if you want to work with me. I know I have delivered incredible value to you and you are more likely to be the kind of person I want to work more closely with. And you know that I know what I am talking about.

3. Sales Emails

Of course, now that you have built some authority with your new subscribers, offer something for sale. Let the email ask them to click-through to a page on your website where they can learn more about your product, service, business opportunity, whatever. Keep it short some of the time with just a link to your sales page and sometimes, make it a little longer to give them a reason to click-through to buy the product.

Make sure that your initial sales email comes in the first 7-10 days of them joining your list, ok? If they have a burning issue, you do want to offer them something as soon as possible or else they will go off looking elsewhere.

4. Feedback emails

Ask the people on your mailing list how you can support them. This can give you more ideas of products to sell to them going forward and also, it can help you refine your emails to make sure that you are delivering value. Remember, it is a privilege to be in their life so do not take it for granted ever!!!

Find out over and over how you can support them and get to work doing it.

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