Are you struggling to build a mailing list?

Are you frustrated because you recognize the importance of one but you just cannot seem to figure out the technical aspects and how to attract people to it?

Are you fed up with trying to understand how the whole thing works?

Let me help!

I started from scratch a few years ago – A complete newbie to everything internet and online and frankly, I had not got all that much experience in business either.  And so, I invested a great amount of money (about $100k to be precise) in coaches, trainings and a great amount of time sat in front of my computer, waking up early, going to bed late and I figured out how to make things work together so that I grow my audience and make money on emails sent out!

And now, I help clients do this one on one, and in the DM Club and I sometimes even do it for them and now I am going to show you how to do this simply.

On Wednesday, I am going to deliver a well-broken down handout to you and then at 8pm UK/ 3pm Eastern, I am going to deliver a training showing you exactly how to get your email list off the ground.

You will learn where you may be stuck and you will learn how to fix it.

And I will also teach you how to make money from it.

If you are in business and you intend to stay in business for any length of time then you absolutely need to be on this training or at the very least, get the recording which will be delivered to you as soon as the call is completed.

It really is imperative that you have an audience of people away from social media, who have put their hand up and chosen to work with you.

And I am going to make it as simple as possible to help you understand this and to make it work.  The handout will have screenshots showing you exactly what to do and prompt to help you think through what words to use.

And when combined with the training call, you will be able to follow along step-by-step to get this done.

And in addition to all of that, you get a month in the DM Club, if you choose to use it which means that you get ongoing support to build your business at least for that month.

Of course, it may be wise just to join the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track at only $9.77 a month and get all the above anyway.

If you do choose to buy this as a standalone program then you will get a bonus of the $5k in 10 days video training which sells for $97.

I do hope you will join in.  I know it will help you grow your business, whatever it is.


How many times can I say that?!

I just see so many entrepreneurs just hoping to get a sale by asking for it once and hoping that customers, clients, recruits will all come flocking their way after one sighting.  And it sometimes happens but mostly does not!  So don’t be the silly person who is not building a mailing list, will ya?

Let’s get you all set up fast.

As I said, the call is happening on Wednesday at 830pm UK/330pm Eastern so if you are an entrepreneur who knows that you are born for more and you are not getting the sales you want to get at the moment and you want to focus on doing what works, instead of floundering around trying everything under the sun because ethe technical stuff scares you a little or maybe you never heard of this before.  Whatever!  If you want to win at building a business, then click one of the buttons below.

OF course, the better option would be to join the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club and get it as part of your membership and if you choose that option, you can join right now for $9.77 at

See you in class