Email Marketing Tips: 5 Killer Ways To Create More Engaging Emails

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Email Marketing tips

Writing emails is an integral part of staying in touch with your prospects and can also be used to reactivate old customers. Most people have email inboxes and so email marketing proves time and time again to be very effective at getting more customers. As long as they have agreed to hear from you, then every email you send can become a profit-generating machine if written well.
Here are a few ideas to consider in order to create engaging emails

1. Be Human

A lot of entrepreneurs seems to think that they have to sound like a corporate brand in order to get the attention of prospects. However, people like to buy from people they know, like and trust so instead of writing emails that sound as though they were created by a group of people who are completely out of touch with their consumer base, stay grounded. Sound personal, share something of your failures as well as your successes. Let your prospects know a little bit about you and what you do in your private life.

They need to see you as a human being in order to choose to invest with you so have a customer avatar in mind and speak to them as though they are right there in front of you.

2. Train Your Subscribers

You might already be doing this without realizing it. If you want your subscribers to click on to your blog then you need to ask them to do it by making the email’s focus exactly that. Do not write a long epistle and then place a call to action on the end of it. The chances of your people always reading a long email is slim so therefore they miss the call to action at the end of the email.

So, each email must have something that you want your subscribers to do. Think this through before you write the email and make sure you keep it focused on the action you want your subscribers to take.

The action could be as simple as asking them to link to you on social media. Always have a focus.

3. Make Your Subscribers Feel Special

Make your people feel as though they are part of an exclusive club. Send out special emails that only appear on your list, give them free giveaways and invite them to member only events where possible. Do whatever you can to keep their attention on you each time you create an email.

Wherever possible give them a lot more than they expect. Delight your customers and prospects and you will keep more of them.

4. Place Customers’ Testimonials in the email

Make a point of always asking for a testimonial and then pepper your emails with them. Why? Because social proof is so important. Think of every time you visit Amazon – How much time do you spend browsing the reviews? Unless of course, you are buying the item on the recommendation of a friend.

Social proof is so important and people think that if this other person got this result with you then it is more than possible that they too will get that result. It is one thing for you to say how great you are and another altogether to hear it from someone else.

5. Use the same headline

This is strange, I know and I have not personally tried it yet. But imagine a situation where your brand is so established with your readers that they don’t care so much about the headline, they just open the email. You could have a brand headline that signifies to them as well as your name, of course, that it is something exciting, entertaining or inspirational from you. It is a daring move but it is definitely used by a few other people.

Just a thought for you to stand out from the crowd and not have to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out the most exciting headlines in the world.

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