Yesterday, two of the princesses lost teeth…

There they are munching away at their weekend sweets and out comes the tooth that has caused them a bit of discomfort for a little while now as it hung on for dear life, twitching every time they ate anything.

Finally, it gave in and left the safety of their mouth

Cue Tooth fairy for the one who still believes and £1 for the one that is too old for such babyishness 😀

And now, the new adult tooth can come through unencumbered by the baby tooth.

It got me thinking about letting go of things that keep us from the next level of prosperity

I talk of this a lot, I know and yet, can you say a good thing too many times?!

I think not!

What do you need to eliminate from your life in order to make room for the next level thing?

Who do you need to see less of?

What emotions are you indulging that keep you stuck?

What items in your household just need to go?

What relationships bring you down?

Ultimately, how can you create a vacuum for the life you desire to come through?

Think about it.

Unlike the baby tooth, it will not come out by itself

As adults, we get the choice.

Will we take the sometimes scary action of clearing ourselves of the nonsense or even the stuff that was good but not the best?

Will we dare to have those awkward conversations where you ask for a time-out from a relationship that seems to be draining you?

Will you dare to stop stocking up the nonsense foods that tempt you to eat in a ‘less-than’ way?

Will you value yourself enough to eliminate anything and everything that keeps you from prosperity in all areas?

Remember, remember, REMEMBER who you are

Divinity constrained at times by your humanity

Remember you are here for a reason

Remember that YOU ARE IMPORTANT to the evolution of the planet

Time to rise up

Do not let the old stuff keep you from making the world a more beautiful place in the way you envision it.


Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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Much Amazing Love

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