So, you sit there with your computer in front of you, wondering what to write about.

And if you are completely honest, you will realise that you have discarded about 10 ideas because you wondered if they were good enough, sweet enough, attractive enough to everyone out there when really, the very first idea that popped into your head was exactly the one you had to put out there.

But it seemed too abrasive and horrid…

It seemed as though it might rub people up the wrong way and you want to be nice…

You want to ensure that every single person that comes in contact with you loves your business but you forget that until you are willing to eliminate the haters, you will never be saying anything that your people will hear.

You want to blend in and sound sweet and so you get to blend in and sound sweet!

Except, tell me, how is that working out for community growth?

How is that working out for sales?

Is it actually working and do you even like who you have to be and all the times you have to bite your tongue?

You have the opportunity here to build a business that utilizes all of you.

You have an opportunity to be surrounded by people very much like you but possibly earlier on in their journey

And instead you are doing what all the normal entrepreneurs do, you are trying to blend in.

You are trying to keep people sweet and they are all so sweet and chilled out that they are simply not buying anything from you because well, you are just the same as any other person out there right now.

When actually, you are NOT the same as any other person out there!

You are you and you are unique!

You are you and your stories carry depth and wisdom that no one else has…

But at the moment, your stories are disempowering you because you are making them mean something negative about you, something like you are not cut out for this blogging craziness…

And so you hold back from saying what you really would like to say!

Born to stand out, bred to blend in, bred to be safe!


Be cutting when you need to be…

Swear when you cannot find another word to express your passion…

Be sweet when you want to be!

Be all sides of you in your writing!

Don’t be so predictable and boring!

That is not you!

You are a born champion, you have overcome such incredible things…

Tell the world and invite them to work with you!

Tell the stories that used to make you cringe – Let your people see the real you and yes, let the haters be banned, deleted, ignored.

Let the haters and the indifferent vote with their feet and leave your community so that you can truly focus on the ones you are called to serve.

Create a lot of content because you KNOW you have a lot to say!

Imagine you have an audience ready and willing and wanting to hear from you because honey, when you truly start to show up, you will do.

And they will be waiting with baited breath for the next thing you decide to put out in the world.

Stop filtering out the good stuff!

For fuck’s sake – JUST STOP!

In a world where there are many normal entrepreneurs vying for the attention of the bottom of the barrel, rise up like the phoenix you are and be real, show up, show them how to overcome, be the leader you see in your mind’s eye, tell them like it is, not like you think they want to hear.

Your people will respond to the real you!


And yes, this will mean that you make the choice every freaking day to love you!

You make the choice every freaking day to believe in you!

Because yes, some people will be vocal about what parts of you they dislike and online, for whatever reason, they are even more vocal.


Do not even listen to them for a second.

Delete their emails as soon as they come through – they have not earned the right to speak into your life so don’t listen!

Do not take feedback from anyone who has not bought from you!  And even those who have, when yuo really start to show up as you, some will not like it and they will excuse themselves from your world and that is okay – LET THEM GO! You have played your part in their life and now, they need to move on as you expand.

I know this is not the usual advice but really, have a trusted coach and listen to that person, NOT EVERY PERSON!

I know you only want the lovers to come out of the woodwork but the haters will come too.

Get this mindset in place – The more persecution I receive, the more my real voice must be getting out there.

For every hater, there is usually a lover silently cheering you on, watching for the next missive, watching for the next love-filled message, taking their lead from you because honey, you are leader and it is only as you own your maverick self that you will finally, FINALLY start to get the traction you want in your business!

And be open to making a few mistakes here and there and veer on the side of too much rather than too little like most normal people do.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Capture, Capture, Capture

Close, close, CLOSE!

Get your head in the right place and eliminate the haters and welcome in your people!

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

Because you want to

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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