Abundance, fulfilment, freedom are your birthright.

These things are to be normal and natural to you…

You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine and nothing is withheld from you…

The only roadblock is your belief about it.

If you think that people like you, do not get to prosper in all areas then that will be your result…

If you think that people like you, have to do work or settle in relationships that are not completely what you want, then that will be your reality…

If you think that you always have to struggle to get anything, that will also be your reality…

And if you keep thinking about your problems then you get even more problems because you are sending out a message that you want an abundance of whatever it is you are focused on.

I know it seems crazy that this is the case but as Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem in the same consciousness that caused the problem.

You have to elevate your mind.


Focus on the vision of what you want out of life and make decisions, ask for guidance, take action from there.

REgardless of how problematic life may seem at the moment, leave that alone.

You cannot solve the problem by staring at the problem and even if you did manage to fix it, it would be temporary.


I have lived that life of reaction, reaction, reaction!

And the problem always comes back in one form or another because I was still the same person and thinking in the same way that caused the problem in the first place.

I had to elevate my mind, raise my consciousness…

It felt silly to ignore the problems that were yelling for my attention but Papa just kept saying “Look Up”

And now I say the same to you…


What is it that you want?

Focus on that

Ask your intuition for help

ACT on what bubbles up within you, even though it may feel really silly not to take defensive action against the immediate struggles.

Even though all the loving problem-solvers in your life may think that you are just being crazy and weak to avoid the issues at hand.

Ignore all that and LOOK UP!

Elevate your mind, ok?

THE DELIBERATE LIFE is not for wimps.

It takes courage to keep your eyes focused on what you want when everything inside of you is telling you to worry and stress out and react to the issues right in front of you.

So, right now, I send you the energy of courage and love and I encourage you to be that person who does choose the DELIBERATE Life.

And for in-person support, I exhort you to come to the DELIBERATE LIFE GATHERING at my house on the 5th December.  Find out more at Rosemarynonnyknight.com/deliberatelife

And if you cannot make that date, then go get the book I am giving away for free – PRAY. AFFIRM. RECEIVE – how to get clear, stay clear and take action to get what you want out of life – at RosemaryNonnyknight.com/bookgift. You will also hear of various ways in which you can work with me to get ongoing daily support


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