Life Is Not Meant to be a struggle


How to let life be easy, fun and prosperous DELIBERATELY - 4 Part Audio Deliberate Immersion Series


We come here.  

We forget who we truly are.  

We think we are limited by forces beyond our control and we take on fear.  

Everything feels like a struggle.  

Everything requires HARD work that we do not want to do.  

And even when we make some gains, we are scared that we will lose it all unless we are hyper-vigilant.  

So, even receiving what we want, does not fill us with glee!  

Instead, life feels like one fight after another, one struggle after another, one challenge after another.  

And everyone lives this way and so, it seems normal and those who seem to thin that it should all be fun and games are considered silly and childish.  

And yet, deep within you, is a yearning for a different experience of life.  

There is a part of you that really does think it can be different than this  


How do you get there?  

Frankly, you are not even completely sure that the Divine wants you to get there.  

Are there not lessons to be learnt?  

Punishments to be suffered through?  

Growth to be had?  

And surely, there is no gain without some kind of pain?  

IS it not just the way it is?  

And I guess, if you want to keep believing that then yes, that will ALWAYS Be your life experience.  

I always imagine that a lot of people will die only to find out that they spent their whole life struggling for absolutely nothing because at any moment, they could have just said ‘NO MORE’, slapped a smile on their face, dropped all so-called heavy responsibilities and accomplished more in that day then they had all of the years they had operated under the false paradigm of struggle.  

But I guess, maybe not because if they choose to keep believing in struggle in life and hell after death, they probably will get it.  

Do you understand that you are the designer of your life?  

So whatever you DECIDE is true of life, will be true of your life/death.  

And you can design your life deliberately or passively - That choice is up to you, whether you are aware of making a choice or not.  

Honey, you are a lot more powerful than you give yourself credit for.  

Would you like to choose to allow life to be easy?  

Would you like to allow life to be peaceful, rather than permanently full of strife?  

Would you like to wake up happy, rather than this persistent sense of gloom that dogs you a lot of the time?  

And would you like to KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that the Divine is completely for you living a happy, abundant, awesome life?  

Then I invite you to come join me for this 4 part mind shift series.


✅ Identify the cause of struggle in your life and see how simple it is to eliminate it  

✅ Remember who you really are and what you came here to do and discover how to take your power back and use it only for your good  

✅ Learn simple techniques to bring life back to ease, joy and increased prosperity  

✅ The one simple secret to allowing in all the good you desire rapidly  

✅ How to raise your energy so that you go through each day feeling full of excitement and joy 


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Both options are below.  

Pick the one that suits you.  

Know that whatever you choose - Your life will be uplifted and changed and your mind will not

 be the same again. You cannot un-see when you see.  

If you are done with the struggle and ready to step by step, create a simple, easy life that feels joyous all the time, then grab your copy of this program by clicking the button below




I am Rosemary Nonny Knight (RNK) Prosperity MInister. 

Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist, stuck with my big ideas of what I wanted to make happen. I had a vision of supporting a large number of people to live into their calling but I just did not know how to make it a reality. So I stayed stuck, disbelieving my own vision, feeling deluded to think that I could make it happen but the universe had other ideas for me. While I clung desperately to my victim story, I allowed myself to go bankrupt and get depressed and out of the rockbottom, I realised that I had tried it the way of the regular world and maybe, it was now time to give the Divine a chance to co-create something amazing with me.  

I learnt that I had to release A LOT Of my old way of thinking to create ANY kind of success on my own terms and I realised that my clients also had to do that because no matter how many times I would tell them exactly what to do, while their mind was set to normal, they were simply unable to do the work.

I started to help them release old ways of thinking, same as I had had to and before I knew it, they were able to create the lives they desired.

Not everyone chooses to work with me privately and invest the $2500 a month that my clients pay and I really can only work with so many people and so now, I create Deliberate Immersion Series that support more people in releasing old ways of thinking. You can access them all within the OPULENCE CIRCLE or you can buy them as standalone programs. Either way, your life will be elevated.