Easy Street Is A Dead End Street

By September 20, 2014September 27th, 2014Business, Self Development

Easy Street

You say you want to write a book & you could if you chose to but easy street beckons.

You say you want to build a business and you could if you chose to but easy street beckons.

You say you want to be wealthy & you could be but time and time again, you give into easy street.

You say you want to be a loving, more present parent and yet over and over again, it seems easier to yell and scream at your kids instead of find a more loving solution to the concerns you are having with them. Again, easy street beckons and you walk down it looking back with longing at the path you would rather be on but it all seems so hard.

 How long will that be your story?


Easy street seems so easy, seems so simple, seems so in flow and yet it takes you nowhere good and it takes you there pretty quickly.

It means different things to different people and so each person must come to their own definition of what it really means for them.

But let me help you by defining easy street…

You live on easy street when your whole life feels comfortable but deep inside you are not satisfied because you kinda know that you could be more than you are pretending to be at the moment.

You might put a nice sounding explanation around your current life and you may even feel that your life is not easy but really, you are hiding; hiding away from anything that would challenge your beliefs and make you step out of what has now become your comfortable struggle.

However, once upon a time, someone told you that you need to be satisfied with the status quo and you believed them and now easy street is a part of your internal make up.

Maybe what they told you is a lie, honey! And now, you have made yourself a victim of the lie.

Maybe they just wanted to keep you in place because it seemed easier to them to have a placid child or follower in their flock and so they told you what was most convenient to them.

Maybe they have their own agenda and you being your powerful self really did not fit into building their own empire, their own dreams and so they kept you down and called it ‘loving care’.

Maybe they had lived an easy life for so long that now they had forgotten how to be wild and free and how to go completely for everything that they want and now you are following on just like the sheep they intended you to be.


  • Are you just a sheep?


  • Are you just a follower?


  • Are you really THAT determined to stay on the dead end path?


  • Or is there a part of you that is ready to step away from complacency?


I don’t care how holy and righteous you feel as you live half a life and pretend you are happy with it.

You were not created to be half a person – You were created to be a person of power and authority.

You were created to have dominion over the earth, for goodness sake!!!!

Instead you choose to live a small, safe life and it affects everything – from your relationships, to your lack of money, to your health, to your general dissatisfaction with life.

Easy street is certainly a dead end street – When will you wake up and realize you can actually have anything and everything?

It was all created for you to enjoy so come on, warrior, step up, step away from easy street and start to build a life you really can be proud of in every area.

This is not about guilt or shame, it is about determination to live powerfully all the time.

Put on your warrior garment and stand in your authority.

Be a Wealthy Warrior & choose to Live Life Deliberately

So… if you are ready to take you and your business up a notch, then we must have a conversation…

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