What on earth are you spending your days doing? Is it getting you the results You Want?

Spending time on

You say you want to build your business…

You say you want to make 6 figures or more a year…

You say you want passive income…

You say you want to attract more customers…

You say you want more people to come to your shop front, your online store, to sign up with you in your network marketing business, buy your book, buy your music, come to your event etc etc …

And yet, I look at how you spend your time and I wonder if you are having a laugh!


I was like you once upon a time (and you know what, some days, I can still be like this – No perfection here!)


I used to pretend that I wanted a super successful business.

I used to pretend I wanted to impact the world!

I used to pretend I believed I was created for more…

But if you spent the day with me, you would wonder what on earth the plan was!

Because you would see that most of the stuff I did everyday had absolutely nothing to do with growing this super successful business I said I wanted.


I spent time tidying up my website,


I spent time standing around saying I was working,


I spent time talking to people in the same business as me,


I spent time THINKING about how to reach people,


I wandered the streets of my local shopping centre too afraid to actually invite people in my world,


I spent a lot of time doing things that were really easy for me.


I spent a lot of time at my old job, even though I wanted to leave it.




Maybe you spend time cleaning shelves in your store or just cleaning, generally – You are just trying to keep the shop looking inviting to the non-existent customers walking in your door.

Maybe you put a picture or two on your Facebook page of your product with no attempt to build any kind of relationship with people because you are worried that they will not like you!

Maybe you have decided that you just cannot understand how to make social media or the internet work for you so you are not even going to waste time there even though you know a lot of your customers are there.

Maybe you go from course to course, training to training and never actually implement what you learn because you go back home to a place where nothing has changed and you fall back into old patterns of being.

Maybe you keep trying to sell to your friends and family who are just darned tired of hearing about your business.

Maybe you keep doing the same old things that are not working instead of trying something different!

Maybe you spend a lot of time looking at jobs you could do if this business failed

Maybe you put cleaning your house before approaching a customer

Maybe you are hoping and praying that people will come to you rather than you go find them.


Whatever it is that you spend your time doing, if you feel your business is not working, then the problem is not usually the product, the service, the market, the economy, the lack of buyers…


The problem is YOU!




If there is anyone in the world selling what you sell and doing it successfully, then honey, the problem again is YOU!


I am sorry to say this to you and I even feel a little like protecting you from the harshness of my words but this is one thing you must know about successful people.


They spend their time doing the £1k an hour stuff, whereas the unsuccessful people do the minimum wage stuff.


And you may say that you can’t afford to spend money on getting other people to help you with the business and I would say to you…


Maybe, maybe not.


What you CAN definitely do is focus on the work that actually makes you money – the marketing, the sales, the relationship building online, offline with customers and referral sources.


Are you offering your wares to someone each and every day? Or are you waiting for people to come and ask you about them?


Are you holding back from doing THE best work with the time you have?


Are you believing the lies those gurus tell you, the lies about how easy it all can be at the start?

In case you did not know, you need to work harder than others will for a year in order to live like others will not be able to, for the rest of your life.  The great thing is if you do what you want to do, it will not feel like hard work.


This is why I tell you that you are best off finding something that you want to do.


It gets pretty tough to stay on your ‘A’ Game when you hate the work you do!


So, tell me, do you really want that 6 – figure business? Or are you just deceiving yourself, like I used to?


If you are truly ready to fight for the 6 Figure business you want, and you are finding it a little difficult to focus on the important stuff and frankly, you just do not know how to promote yourself and your stuff, then you must join me for the Warrior ‘Get It Done Already’ Business Launch Day.

You will leave that day with everything set up so you no longer have to dither and spend time trying to figure it all out alone.

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