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This week has been an interesting one as I settle back into normal life in the UK.  Thankfully, the hubby is taking me off for a surprise weekend away as part of a birthday treat – How cool is that.  No kids, just me and him and who knows what?!


I still remember being a pharmacist, getting up, charging out into the world.


Sometimes I would drive 2 or more hours to work.


And then, I would get into work and immediately start ingratiating myself to the people there. I was the locum, which meant you were the one that got blamed for everything that went wrong that day because you were only there for a day and therefore not there to defend yourself.


The only way you would know about it was when you were not allowed back to that retail pharmacy.  So, getting the team on side as soon as possible was one of the keys to continually getting work.


I may have been self-employed but I was still very dependent on the ‘powers’ that be for my income.  I may not have agreed with a whole lot of the stuff I had to do but I had to do it – mouths to feed, mortgage to pay and all of that stuff.


And frankly, every time I raised my head to look at a potential business opportunity, it seemed too complicated, unknown, strange and FAR TOO UNCOMFORTABLE. I may have been bored silly by parts of my work but at least it was known, simple, and comfortable and it paid pretty well comparatively.


And yet, I was dissatisfied.  I was unhappy and it took hitting rock bottom to break free of my need for comfort in order to do what it took to create a life and business that I enjoy.  For sure, it is still an ongoing journey to being my best self but I would not go back to that life for anything.


Why do I share this?


I share because if someone had taken the time to put together a plan, a step by step thing that I could just go along with, particularly at the start, that would have been crazy helpful to me.  It might have meant I left work a lot sooner than I did.


So, I wonder if you would like such a clear plan…


An escape route, if you wish…


Something you can do alongside what you currently do until you get to the point where you are a lot more sure and certain about what you are doing?


Would that help? Whether you are in business already but not getting the results you want…


Or you are a professional like I was, ready to take your ideas and run with them…

The only requirement is that you are driven, determined and ready for change.

Then take a look at this now – It is the thing for you and you get an early bird price if you get on board by Sunday.  RosemaryNOnnyKnight.com/businessherobootcamp


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