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By September 6, 2011October 17th, 2015Dreaming, Financial Freedom

No matter what our age or condition,

Just to continue on with my thoughts over the quote of yesterday, I am prone to thinking I am too old to do this or that.  I should have done it in my twenties or ‘I wish blah blah had happened a certain way in a certain time then life would be different’.  Deep inside, I know these are excuses for not taking action now but it sounds plausible and I can probably convince anyone that my logic is not flawed. (If you know me, you know how vehemently I can convince you, :-))  I know the truth, however and only I can challenge myself to try harder.  (I can hear Tloml saying “There is no try, only do” – Yes he loves Star Wars – I almost typed Star Trek then, he would have been mortified!).

I look back on my life and at each stage, I have had different dreams.  When I was a teen, I wanted desperately to live in the United Kingdom again.  I live here now.  Then I wanted to not be soooo poor anymore, I finally graduated and earned a decent wage.  I wanted to visit Australia and attend the Hillsong Conference.  I got to do this and also I visited Japan.  I wanted to inspire young girls as there seemed to be so many floundering young people around me, I did it a little but there was so much I did not know at that point.  Now I am a mother, my dreams have changed somewhat.  They now include dreams I have for my babies, dreams of things I want them to be and do for at least the time they live with me.  Now these dreams can be dangerous as if one is not careful, there can be a tendency to impose one’s own dreams on their child.  I try to be watchful of that.  I would hate for them to feel they had to live their life for me and to fulfil my dreams for them. No, I want them to be free to dream whatever they want.

Now, I have a dream of financial freedom – enough passive income (income that is not earned) to cover all my expenses with maybe a little extra to play with.  Will I accomplish this dream? I am definitely working hard towards it.

There are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born

I just love the way this phrase reads.  Untapped possibilities… New beauty… Do you believe it? Are there parts of me/you that we may not even be aware of?  Sometimes, it is in the quiet reflection times that we really hear our heart’s desires. We really get a glimpse of the dreams we hold deep inside.

I know each one of us was made unique.  I do not know what you all believe but I know that within each person is a beauty that is theirs alone.  A lot of us do not believe that though.  We just plod through life and survive.  I just know there is more.

I choose to tap into my heart and see what possibilities, what beauty I find.  What of you? Do you dare?

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