Business Growth

Most people have crazy people around them.

It may be your customers…

It may be your staff…

It may be your tenants…

It may be your partner…

It may be your kids…

It may be your siblings…

It may be your parents…

It may be friends that you think you cannot live without…

It may be anyone you ALLOW access to you!

Note this, I say, you ALLOW it!

You may be in a place where you think you have to allow the nonsense to carry on. Usually, it is in some way attached to you feeling that something is better than nothing but really… is it?

Is it actually better to have to deal with all the harping on and drama that particular ‘others’ bring into your life. Or would it be simpler to cut out anything that makes your life complicated? or at least reduce your exposure for a season?

We get one life and a lot of ‘normal’ people spend their whole time trying to appease the various people in their world.

They get it in their head that it is the only way to live.

They tell themselves that you can choose your friends but you cannot choose your family, ‘blood is thicker than water’ etc etc

And then they go on to make choices that mean they will never, ever reach the success they want to reach.

And no, I am not saying that you want to live a life on your own, I am just saying that every area of your life needs to be deliberately designed or else you will end up looking back with regret at all the time you wasted trying to make people happy – People who did not really care about your happiness at all.

You have to be fully responsible for your own happiness and you have to choose to stop believing lies about loyalty and duty that have been fed you from birth so that you fall into line.

The system knew it would not last if it did not tie you up with duty & guilt.
The problem, of course, is that you become less of a person if you are tied up with all that stuff. You become a puppet dancing to the tune of everyone else’s whims.

If you really want to create prosperity in all areas of your life, you need to have the courage to stand against this; To stand up for yourself even when the manipulating screws are in place.  (Particularly at the start when you are just trying to find your new rhythm)

There is always someone out there to manipulate you if you LET them…

There is always someone wanting you to jump through their hoops if YOU LET THEM!

Maybe, you will get the balance wrong but sometimes, it is easier to start with a clean slate and give yourself permission to reduce time with some people, to extricate yourself from business deals that no longer suit you, to discover again and again your own path even when it feels like you are going backwards to go forwards!

Some people will not get it, EVER!

But this is not about them.

This is about your freedom, both emotionally & financially! Everything affects everything – Never forget that.

It may seem callous to break free but honey, in order for you to grow, you have to find the courage to be who you want to be, even if it does not suit the designs of the people around you.

Compromise only when you choose to compromise. Make sure you are choosing though! Not being manipulated into the choice.

Each one of us has a calling, a purpose that we are uniquely designed to fulfill. When you start to live in that purpose, comfortable things start to be questioned and yep, it is tough.

Not everyone can go through the journey.

But YOU…?

I think you can!

I think you have the inner strength to become completely the powerful, successful person you know deep down you are created to be.

Much Amazing Love

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